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Cutting Room Floor: Transcendence (2014)

Grown Up Recess has been lucky enough to snag pieces of film off the editing room floor. It took a lot of undercover mustaches, but GUR has a handful of film stills. 91 more words


Johnny Depp Might Have to Testify in a Murder Trial: Report

In a move that seems more suitable for a Hollywood blockbuster based on a John Grisham novel, Johnny DeppĀ has found himself in the middle of a very bizarre murder case in Los Angeles. 18 more words

Captain Jack Sparrow is back! No wait, never mind he got attacked

Just like Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp is a man who comes in and out of the lime light when he pleases. I would like to also compliment the man for his brilliant and esoteric wars of thinking. 76 more words

Johnny confirms the engagement......kinda

Johnny vaguely confirmed the engagement by saying he was wearing a chick ring so it was hard to miss.

What happened to a simple yes instead of the rambling answer. 64 more words


14 Ways to Serenade Johnny Depp

‘The only gossip I’m interested in is things from the Weekly World News – ‘Woman’s bra bursts, 11 injured’. That kind of thing.’ -Johnny Depp… 571 more words


To The Stars...

I do believe Tim Burton
Has Johnny Depp mighty hurtin’,
With the whip he does crack
Across his slave’s back.

There must be someone worse than Kanye West, 33 more words

Quote of the Night #19

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem

Words of Johnny Depp