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Debunking Myths About the Italian Economy. Myth #1: Italy would be better-off outside the Eurozone

Myth #1: Italy would be better-off outside the Eurozone

An argument commonly made by anti-Euro politicians such as the Northern League and the Five Star-Movement, as well as by few ‘economists’, is that Italy would be better-off outside the Euro. 722 more words


Africa's Currency Crunch

How will the emerging market downturn play out in Africa? The region’s asset markets have been fairly robust – so far. Instead the pressure is being felt in African currencies.
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Play Your Taxes

Please don’t depreciate your log. I’ve had dealings with the IRS. No fun.

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Your 2013 return may be your last chance for 2 depreciation-related breaks

If you purchased qualifying assets by Dec. 31, 2013, you may be able to take advantage of these depreciation-related breaks on your 2013 tax return: 188 more words


Why buying a corporate jet pays for itself

Lots of American companies have private jets, and the government gives them a pretty good reason to buy one: They can pay for themselves in just a few years. 575 more words

Depreciation: The Cost That’s Hitting Your Pocket The Hardest

Depreciation is one of the most hard-hitting costs motorists have to face, and although it’s not as noticeable compared to fuel, temporary car insurance or MOT expenditures, the value of your car is certainly something to keep an eye on.

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Becoming An Income Property Owner

Do-it-yourself home renovators are often also property investors. My own parents-in-law do this. They buy foreclosed properties at auction or through negotiation with the bank, assess what kinds of improvements could best raise the home’s quality and value, and then do the work themselves so they’re just spending money on materials and not on contractors’ fees or labor. 318 more words