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I have lost a bit of weight and it feels good. I am not that obsessed anymore like I was half a year or a year ago. 77 more words

All by myself

“Does anybody know how I feel? Sometimes I’m numb, sometimes I’m overcome. Does anybody care what’s going on? Do I have to wear my scars like a badge on my arm for you to see me? 204 more words

Confused, And Maybe A little Hurt....

There are times I want my Daddy to be happy and indulge in all his fantasies from time to time (which I just found out that that may include other ladies….) My thing is, Daddy if you love me so much, why want the other people? 101 more words



I’m so used to being the fire, the flames that shatter glass and steam windows and I’m so used to burning people to not let them close enough to hurt me and smirk and bite their neck and whisper into their ear how much they don’t mean a thing to me but now here you are enclosing yourself around me and I hate hearing about the people in your past because I feel like you live there with them and I love your scent and the taste of your tongue but I swear you’re feeding the flames and at the same time trying to put me out.

of you that was me

another night without talking

backs simply gawking

on the edge of balking

intent on stalling

loves withdrawing

recalling the days I loved u

drawing on gray november hue… 49 more words


Ready to break

A week of pondering on the question “What shall i do?” got me stressed. Like really stressed to the point where i don’t even want to do anything because I’ve got this picture my head of what i should be doing, but something is not right. 328 more words