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I'm sad.

I bet over half of the teenagers in this world has experienced or is experiencing a feeling that is the worst.Sadness.Or maybe even worse,depression.I don’t know i’m not exactly old enough to talk about this kinda topic but i think i have to.Reason is because i might be going through it in the future.In my goddamn child mindset,i think teens are going through depression because other people don’t treat them like they want to be treated as.These teens wanna be recognized,loved,cared about and remembered.They are afraid these won’t happen so they turned depressed and start to self harm and all those stuff.Other reasons.Teenagers wants to be happy and wild and free but they’re literally not allowed to.Well like me.People like adults or other ‘friends’ make fun of them and they start to think really low of themselves they have the feeling of wanting to die.Well that’s suicidal but well that is the second stage of depression I guess.((first is sadness))K idk what i just said so yeah sorry for the poorly written blog for todeii.

Not getting anywhere...

I’m trying so hard. I just want to be an average person. I’m not asking for “no mental illness”, I know that is not realistic. But I need something, because on the inside I’m still the same. 6 more words

I Hate Me!!

I hate me.

Yep. I hate me. I go through the motions each and every day, acting like all is fine. And yet, deep in my soul, that’s the last thing I believe. 247 more words

Hate Sad Depressed Pathetic


I’m in the middle of an anxiety/depression/I-don’t-even-know-anymore fit.

It actually feels like someone is sitting on my chest and digging dull sporks into my ribs. 831 more words


Am I Still Relevant?

There comes a time when we question why we’re here or perhaps, why we’re still here. 

I know the two sound similar, but they’re not quite the same. 729 more words

Im-power Me


I guess I should update, not really much to update on. Depression/borderline symptoms are severe, my mood changes from manic to severly depressed within a matter of minutes. 134 more words