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Last day of work tomorrow for the year. I’m looking forward to getting through it then driving straight to my sister’s in Belfast.

I hoping I am happy for the next few days. 168 more words


Christmas is Just Around the Corner - shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit~

The past 2 days I have been feeling absolutely crushed and sad. Tremendously sad. I am doing everything in my power not to burst into tears and give up on life. 233 more words

Depressed at Christmas

So, I have to beautiful daughters, and a husband who just wants me to be happy, that is the question thou, what is happy.

All the songs I keep hearing remind me of Christmases past, and I wish I could snuggle up and go back 25-30 years to when I am a child, when Christmas was all about the belief, that everything could be magical, maybe that is what I am missing?? The magic!!