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How An Elephant Creates A Post.

Dear Reader,

I have been thinking for a while about writing this, because I think it can be interesting. 205 more words

Mental Health

It may be depression

I am not having such a good time. I wanted to write ‘not a good life’ but that would be a lie. I went to a good school, I chose my university, I drive a car and live in an apartment with my parents (that’s how it works here. 360 more words

Stock take

Sometimes all we need is a little perspective. Things haven’t been going so good, mostly attributed to the work situation which I will probably blog in detail about in the near future. 134 more words


The heart wants what it wants

Once the sun sets and the darkness creeps over the sky I can’t help but think about him. The nights we spent staying up late talking about our life together. 134 more words

Oh, so you're a college grad? Awesome. And I should hire you why?

I honestly didn’t know what to post today about the romantic interests, but I felt it fair to briefly talk about that as at least an update. 1,988 more words

Break Up

Prayer for November 26th

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

As Thanksgiving approaches, there are those  gathered with us, who are missing their loved ones and they are dreading tomorrow. 487 more words


A Hermit Kind Of Day

Today was a hermit day. I have them every now and then, I seem to have them more often than anybody else I know, I guess cause I lean towards being anti-social, shrug. 358 more words