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Exahustion of body and mind

I am so tired. Mentally, physically and emotionally (not sure of the difference between the first and last but the trio sounded good…)

So I think I am depressed. 143 more words

Irrelevant Until It Isn't

Mission Accomplished: New Therapist

So. I did it. I met with the new therapist.

Before I went in…I was convinced i was going to hate her and that this was going to be so uncomfortable and just like every other therapy session I’ve had. 89 more words



I stayed home for the whole of three days which is the weekend and Monday. Catching up a list of dramas and movies. I even finished a book and started a new one yesterday. 99 more words


I shouldn't tell people how I feel.

Yesterday I told my MIL that I was stressed out and depressed. She had the nerve to say “I don’t see why you’re depressed, a lot of people have it way worse than you.” That is the last time I am open with her about my emotions. 87 more words

Third time is the charm, right?

I have to meet with my new therapist today…she’s my third one all summer. I mean…I don’t mind changing therapists cause I haven’t found anyone I actually really feel comfortable with…but I do hate having to tell my story over and over again. 108 more words


I will move past this, I need to move past this

I have succumb to the ways of my treatment team after a desperate attempt to prove them otherwise regarding the level if treatment that I needed. 44 more words

Overflowing emotions

So I really really don’t like english but I just want to write a bit … So here we go

There are a lot of things in my mind I just feel bad when a sad thing comes to my mind I feel like crying I just can’t do this anymore I can’t and i only want to talk to him, like he is always by my side when I feel like this and a stupid fight that it wasn’t even a fight can do this and he just can’t speak with me for that so stupid I know I’m the one who hurts him the most and still I want him to be happy but stay right next to me