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This is it?

I came home from work and went straight for the klonopin. I was frustrated, angry and crying.

Everyday our calls are graded based on performance – call handling, call flow, knowledge, troubleshooting, professionalism…blah, blah… I’m sure you get it. 687 more words

Day 13: Your opinion about your body, and how comfortable you are with it

I am overweight. I am in no way comfortable in my own skin. I don’t like being in public and thinking that I am being ridiculed.   273 more words


Hiding the truth.

“When are you going back to school?” This one question makes me feel sick, it makes my chest tighten, my hands shake and the tears burn my eyes. 154 more words

What is a friend?

I got told today that I should think about what I want in a friend. What my description of a ‘friend’ is. I have no idea what a friend is anymore. 296 more words

Am I Depressed?

So I came across this post on tumblr today. I’ve seen it a few times before but I can really relate to it this time. 65 more words

My Life

I just gave up...

Again. I deleted my online dating profile. After yet another unsuccessful meet up I just cannot handle the complete disappointment.

When you are independent, make your own money, work hard, study hard…. 159 more words


The chemicals we take for our health

Today it’s unusual for a person my age (mid-fifties) not to be on a few medications, and often it goes as follows: maybe you’re having a routine check at your doctor, or maybe you feel a little sluggish one day and go to see him/her. 351 more words