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Lost my best friend

What if the strain on ones heart directly correlates to the time we are alive. What if every heart ache forms scar tissue inside that beating organ. 94 more words


I feel less than inspired to write let alone do anything else.

It’s been rough the last few days.  Just getting through the days.  Waiting.  Counting down until I can hope for some relief.   132 more words


When life gives you sadness

eat a tub of cookie dough ice cream and watch Yossi so that you feel even more depressed and yet somehow better — maybe because you’re comfortable being miserable? 16 more words



An old friend once told me to not be afraid to express how I feel with my writing… that the best stuff comes from the heart deep down, he was right. 358 more words


Of Heartbreak and Lonesomeness

When I see that place or when I hear that song,

Oh those times past, so long ago.

Us apart, it feels so wrong,

I feel like I’m drowning deep below. 63 more words



“Loneliness” by STEPHSAIDTHIS

Loneliness is just a season
it comes and goes without reason
when you know what you want it can be hard to find… 224 more words


It's Almost Like It's Now Required

It’s that knot in the pit of my stomach, the ache deep in my chest;
The one that’s never gone.

It’s that burn that I hate but can’t seem to get away from it for long; 58 more words