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Different State of Mind

Being a father has changed me.

Nearly 7 years ago now my life changed as my now ex wife gave birth to my son Aiden. … 609 more words

Random Statements

It's the Return of the Oh Wait, No Way, He Didn't Just Say, What I Think He Did, Did He?

So, there are two reasons I have been away for so long:

1. I met someone I used to work with at IHOP at a bus stop. 1,184 more words


Girl on Fire

I almost choked my sister today…I mean, my hands were on her throat. I felt a red light flash across my field of vision I was so angry, there was mercury carving river beds in my skin, a rush so good and so horrific you’re not entirely sure it’s real. 613 more words


I want to throw things. I want to just tear everything in my sight down. I want to break and shatter things. But I can’t because then you would know. 133 more words

FL - Volusia County Sheriff's Office searching for missing woman Deborah Daniels | News - Home

The Volusia County Sheriff’s office is seeking the public’s help in locating a missing woman.

According to the Sheriff’s Office 60-year-old Deborah Daniels is believed to have left her home at 240 Circle Drive north of Deland early Sunday morning. 28 more words


Intrusive thoughts

Dear reader,

It’s come to my attention that my irrational thoughts are not as irrational as I once thought.Tonight I am struggling to sleep, I hate this. 730 more words


St Pancras looks drabber and bleaker in the daylight than I remember it

St Pancras looks drabber and bleaker in the daylight than I remember it. I feel nervous and uncomfortable and depressed. With a sinking certainty I think —– will be seeing someone when I am gone. 25 more words