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The year

2014 has been a pretty shit year so far, and by looking at the state of the world, I am guessing not just for me. All the craziness with politics, war, loss of innocent lives, it’s just depressing. 28 more words



The origin of the expression ‘black dog’ is from Churchill’s life; however, in this video it is interesting how the metaphor is used for mirroring a greater-than-real sulky self that accompanies the actual, living, moving, changing self.


End of sort of week 3 Challenge...

Bit of a mixed bag this week..

ON and off….

5 runs.

Not bad but not a lot of anything else..


Inhale, exhale; repeat.

I dread going into any room
because every room reminds me of something
that I cant escape
it’s like my mind is a labyrinth
and I keep closing in on dead ends… 59 more words


Bad Things - Caught Inside

I am loving Bad Things right now, well i’ve always loved ‘bad things’ but … you get the point.
Not sure if it reflects a point in my life, or just a great song! 49 more words


Calvary (2014)

It’s a bit hard to know how to review this film, so I’m just going to go dive in. There are going to be a lot of spoilers here. 638 more words