Tags » Depressing

The Walk to the Mailbox

The slow walk to the mailbox.

The unnerving, unsettling, walk to the mailbox.

The will I be able to pay my rent walk to the mailbox. 130 more words


The Man Outside Her Perfect Window

Caroline. I learned her name through the phonebook, my shaking fingers carefully caressing its pages as I searched for the address I’d seen her at so many times. 3,036 more words


A Dangerous Attraction

Truth: I am a sucker for the broken.


” If someone is naked & you do not like view… why do you ask to feel…
why speak of love if hate is underneath your tongue “ 147 more words


Cut me free

Crying tears of black
I think of all the things i lack

How they all get thrown in my face
Over and over again leaving no trace… 179 more words


Racing Heartbeat


Lately I’ve been feeling really down and lonely. That’s also part of the reason I don’t write very much, anymore.

I’m really sorry for that. 129 more words


Six Feet Under

It’s during the night

When the world falls short of light

That behind my drooping eyelids I see

A drunken picture of your imagery

- 309 more words