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I had a dream last night that really upset me.  I don’t want to discuss it because of its honestly personal and explicit nature, but it was just a very bad dream that I woke from this morning feeling heartbroken all over again. 826 more words

Women's Studies Homework

I have to bite bottle caps
to gag myself
from loudly sobbing
when I work
on my Women’s Studies homework
and on my feminist project… 78 more words

Words by Ren Nolastname

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words define and mold me

Over and over I hear them

And in my grief they hold me… 21 more words


why do i still like you.

i cry so much over you.

you don’t believe me when i tell you i didn’t sleep with anyone.

you get angry at me when i find out you did. 252 more words


it is hard to have a healthy relationship when i am an unhealthy individual

he slept with someone else, and didn’t apologize for it. he got angry at me for not doing this, for doing this. i get so removed at these times, like i don’t know how someone who fucks me so much could have so little patience for me. 209 more words


Short Story: Ivory Keys

Decided to repost one of my best stories, written back in December. Enjoy.

The beautiful melodies echoing from the antique grand piano floated softly through the air. 1,533 more words


A Deep Thought

Something that has always bothered me was when you get to know someone really well, spend a lot of time with them, and they are out of your life forever.  609 more words

Don't Just Exist, LIVE