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Everyone Try To Keep Your Spirits Up!

I see Christmas as a very dark and depressing time of year. I know many of you do too. the season will be over soon! 7 more words

The Current Affair!

Off gun shots, bombing and other dreadful ammunition used in fights,

Our eyes have gone  sore watching such sights.

The papers and channels are filled with news, 89 more words


Taking the bus

Street Photographer 嘉武 张 has his unique perspective on urban life. He takes photographs of everyday people, taking the everyday busses in a chinese city. A unique, personal, sociological portrait. 119 more words



you are like a cigarette to me.
Every time my lips connect with you, I inhale regrets.

THE BLACK DAY 16-12-2014

One of the extreme depressing day for me and surely for everybody out here!

I am out of words. Breath-stuck-in-throat. Goosebumps. Ultimate sadness..

#PeshawarAttack 6 more words




You’re crazy for breaking up with your gf. I know your reasons but I don’t understand them. Maybe she’s better off, maybe you’re better off in the long run. 550 more words

I Didn't's Forget That You Existed! (Despite the intro this post is sad)

In case anybody(nobody) noticed that I disappeared again, I have a semi-reasonable excuse this time. Josh’s grandpa died and we had to attend his wake and funeral. 749 more words