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Memories Of A Child

Everything was so perfect in the beginning.mommy loved me,and daddy spoiled me.I had everything I could ask for,tons of toys,3 meals a day,and tons of affection from both of my parents. 425 more words


This is 40 AKA Life Is Going to Suck


Heads up, every once in a while a movie hits me in such a way that my review turns into a rant and Judd Apatow’s This Is 40 is going to be one of those reviews. 514 more words


I Wasn't Mentally Prepared For This And Neither Are You

You would think being a seasoned explorer and surfer of the internet with nearly 2 decades under my belt that I could handle just about anything. 401 more words


Losing hope

The storming winds speak my mind,

The rustling leaves imitate

The aggressive beats of my wounded heart,

The curling dust my crumbling self

As all that’s sane depart. 40 more words


When I commit suicide naked; I’ll be dead sexy, still.
Shrugged off your wretched grasp - literal cold shoulder.
Dead ringer though no double, just calling you from beyond.


Layers of Shadows

Save me now
I’m calling out
I scream, and shout
Are you looking for me
Guide me the right way
This pain won’t go away… 25 more words

Why are people so FUCCKKEEDD?!?

Lately on Twitter/the news/everywhere there’s been a lot of horrible shit going on… From the fucked up snow storm in Buffalo to whatever Bill Cosby is doing… And from the FSU Shooting to the Quebec Police scandal. 36 more words