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The girl with no name

She could be anything she ever wanted, but right now all she wanted was to be dead. Getting bullied in middle school was the worst thing in the world right now. 254 more words


Graphic Content #010

Tell me what to draw, bitches. Send your requests to @shamashbot or to jackjamesash@gmail.com

Graphic Content

Minions of the Mindless kind

People like us, People like me, and maybe, even people like you, always end up getting a raw deal, a good citizen of a developing nation, an honest man amidst all the corruption, a quiet person, a good person, so as to speak…while all those rats and perverts are looting us not only of the taxes we pay, but also with bribes, we, the so called good people slink away, looking for a better place to go to, away from the mediocrity, away from the developing nation. 349 more words


Falling Flat

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you do your cake just refuses to rise?

I remember once I decided to make a birthday cake for my friend’s surprise party. 519 more words


don’t ask girls
with new scars on their wrists
to prom

Scars ruin pictures
make friends stare
and make parents cringe

Sure we can go into your car at night where nobody can to see us… 16 more words


Michael Blog 11

I’m thinking of naming my ball.

As in the ball I showed you in my video blog, it’s probably been my biggest comfort whilst being here. 186 more words


Teenagers Tweeting Terrorism Threats To Airlines Is Now A Thing, Apparently

In an apparent desire for incarceration, dozens of teenagers have taken to tweeting provocative “I might be about to kill hundreds of people” messages to U.S. 413 more words