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Independence and (a what's left of my) Dignity

I hate depending on others for financial assistance.

Since being unemployed and being denied unemployment insurance, I have depleted the entirety of my savings and (as previously stated) have resorted to (legal) hustling to make ends meet. 147 more words

Being Poor

Suicidal Soul

Do you see me now?

It’s been a long time

I’ve changed over the years

Fighting through all these tears

What has become of me? 54 more words


Diasbled Boy

This one is in fact a true story (as are most of the others!) however this one hit me because I’d been to the hospital with my wife and seen a young lad on a green walking frame. 246 more words


October Challenge // Day 22

*Prompt-When was the last time your cried? What was it about?

I don’t usually like to talk about my reasons behind crying or even mention that I have been crying but I guess for the sake of the blog I will share my sob story. 190 more words

Orwell's 1984 - The Real 'Back to the Future'

I’m not a conspiracy cuckoo but I am a realist. Some similarities between the modern world and the dystopian book ‘1984’ are uncanny and cannot be ignored. 409 more words


Its Your Life, Sweetheart.

My dreams are mine. Your dreams and plans are yours. That’s the scary thing about your future, its in your hands. It is not in your parents’ hands and you will not let them take it away from you. 134 more words

Can you ever escape yourself? That’s the question behind Catherine Lacey’s debut novel. I suppose the answer is a fairly obvious no, but Lacey gives it to us in the most depressing way possible.

1,201 more words
Stand Alones