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Messages from above

Zay has been dreaming about you every night for weeks.

Unfortunately she couldn’t remember anything about them I told her you were trying to send her a message. 274 more words



Yesterday I was driving along and started to get the “this isn’t real, déjàvu, paranoid ” feelings. And I recognized it and thought to myself “shit, I don’t want this”. 114 more words

Much suffering is caused by denying your own pain.

Much suffering is caused by denying your own pain. Being absolutely honest with yourself pounds open the doors of healing.

Original Nuggets

What the bleep was that all about?

This week that has just passed was unbelievable. It was like anxiety was an entity that came into my apartment and curled up into a knot in my stomach. 220 more words



Do you ever feel so burdened by life that you begin to dread waking up in the morning?

There certainly is much in our world which is a legitimate cause for sorrow.   867 more words


Magical thinking and Greek footballers

This week I’ve been magically thinking about magical thinking.

Magical thinking involves assigning causal meaning to unrelated events in your life.

So for example, if I don’t shower for a couple of days then THATs why a new piece of work came in. 250 more words

Mental Illness