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Depression is it Frozen Anger?

I‘ve heard that depression can come from repressed anger, my sister calls it “FROZEN ANGER”.

While depression can chemically induced in the body, how much of this stuff that sits in our subconscious, undealt with that we suppress comes out in the form of depression? 676 more words

An open letter to those suffering from the loss of a loved one

Yesterday evening as I was cooking dinner, I had my iPad charging on the bench alongside my workspace. Whilst waiting for the vegetables to finish cooking, I flicked onto FB where I found a post from the Breakfast Team at my favourite radio station with  the shocking news that the husband of one of the announcers had committed suicide. 991 more words


Assisted Suicide

First, some housekeeping.

I stopped writing the last post on the 27th, and it was published on the 31st. The girl in question just flat-out refused to see me to say goodbye, and it sucked. 1,280 more words

Mental Health

A day in the life of a depressive

Today’s been a bad day. Yesterday may have been a good day, but yesterday was so long ago I can’t say for sure. All I can remember is the eternal loneliness of the last twenty-four hours. 463 more words