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You Don't Look Sick!- Valley of Pain- 1

Powerful words to someone with an invisible illness, are ,”I believe you!”  sometimes it’s easier to keep silent than to tell others how you feel. BECAUSE it hurts so badly when you come to know they CAN hear you but they DON’T understand.  1,310 more words


Mysterious Girl

I have been starting to get this reputation as the ‘mysterious’ girl.

Why? Apparently i don’t tell people about myself, don’t trust people etc.

I’m sorry but do not ask me to trust you. 86 more words



Once you’ve gotten off
After you pulled my hair
Or cut off my air supply to your satisfaction
You drape the downy barrier between us… 89 more words


Depression: Is it the bipolar or life?

Sometimes I really hate being alone in my house.  I have a beautiful home and sometimes I can’t wait to get out of there.  It seems to shrink, my head starts to spin, I can’t think and I start to feel sick.   193 more words


The Rat Race

I feel like my life is a race. I feel like I’m running in hundred degree heat with no water. I keep running and running but I don’t know why and I can’t see the finish line. 172 more words