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Introversion Begins

It’s that time when my moods make me start withdrawing. I am moving away from the things that I enjoy.

I don’t want to draw or paint. 81 more words


Writing 101: The Worth of an Atypical Mind


(As a companion to my previous post concerning life with anxiety and depression, this post comes with a similar content warning concerning my own thoughts on these conditions.  1,165 more words


Laugh in the face of not so good news

Today I got some not so good news back to back and all I could do was laugh.

What were my choices?  I could take the news, accept that there were no options, climb inside myself and cry till there were no more tears.   522 more words


What's worse...failing others or failing yourself?

For many of us who have a mental illness, low self-esteem comes into the mix. Recently, I asked a Facebook group I belong to, what they would like someone to write about in regard to mental health. 1,040 more words


Primal scream

There’s an up side to depression, so to speak. It numbs you. Being numb can sometimes be a good thing, in that it can protect you from horrible things you just can’t deal with at the moment. 306 more words

Mental Health

Do you *really* not get it?

A friend posted a FB status update the other day  – acknowledging a tragic situation. Someone had thrown themselves under a train. A too often occurrence. 359 more words