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A Scary Version of Letterman’s Top 10 List: 10 Things That Piss Me Off

10.Inept Grocery Baggers: Yes, those who forget to put your last bag in your cart! I mean seriously, I was planning on making Kielbasa with Sauerkraut tonight and pierogi casserole and you little SOB, you forgot to put my bag with the sauerkraut in my cart! 1,068 more words


Doing it differently

‘Don’t expect a different outcome if you carry on doing things the same way’.
This is a poor paraphrase of a quote by Joyce Meyer, but I know what I mean!!! 418 more words


Care of Magical Creatures

My life does not go along like most people’s.  And the people around me have to accept my little… idiosyncrasies, and even work with them.  Lori has got pretty good at just going along, and doing her thing, while still being responsive to me. 33 more words


December 21st - CBT session 3

Hey folks,

Today has been another good, but exhausting, day! Visiting the in-laws. Was good to see them, but I’m totally wiped out now!

Anyway, today’s post is about the third session of CBT; Behavioural Activation. 1,247 more words



Me and my mum came across a really good facebook group for the insight for Asperger’s. It’s easy to just take things at face value, but with some things, it really isn’t that simple. 749 more words

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