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Depression is not a game: unless it's Depression Quest. Then it totally is.

What’s the worst thing after silence? Maybe loneliness, anxiousness or despair? Nightmares? Falling into a deep pit knowing it’s full of venomous snakes, the bottom never seen but the hissing, the hissing grows higher and higher as you fall and behind you the ever increasing distant shouts of a doctor yelling: “You have scurvy! 624 more words


Drawing on Houses

OK, so I did it. I finished stitching stuff down. Presumably, I can sandwich and pinbaste tonight. If I have enough backing fabric and batting, which I meant to check earlier this week, but was sideswiped by a stupid mood that is still here, still messing with me. 607 more words


Take control of your environment!

When you suffer from any kind of illness it’s hard to muster up the energy to take care of yourself, never mind your surroundings. Things start to slide, dishes pile up, clutter becomes mess becomes disaster areas… This is all normal and it’s not a bad reflection on your worth as a person. 672 more words


Noticing How Far I've Come in the Recovery Process

I am excited!  I am going to visit my oldest daughter and see my one-year-old granddaughter today.  I love watching what a sweet mother my daughter has become.   360 more words


Friday Confessions 10/24

Scott and I got into a little bit of an argument yesterday…

I finally talked to him about what’s been bothering me… STBXH’s confession about his fantasy life.  103 more words