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It's Not Me, It's You

It’s hard figuring out exactly what to say here as I know it’s not a diary and people I know also follow this blog. Someone very close to me (M) has recently told me that many things I do bother her, that she can’t believe the person I am, that I am judgemental; etc… It really shocked me and broke my heart a bit, as I never expected to hear these words come out of her mouth. 249 more words

Depression: Robber of the Tongue!

It always creeps up on me the one effect my depression has on me in so much I stop talking or making an effort to talk to friends. 161 more words


A bad day

This blog starts on a gloomy note.  I am 36 and single and trying to buy a house.  It is frenzy out there – panic and chaos reign.  297 more words


The Folly of Saving Your Life

My father was a conservative — with a small c. He lived as a starving boy of the Depression his entire life, no matter how much he earned. 162 more words

Shadow on the Sunny Side of the Street




First of all, I want my readers to know. I am usually a very hopeful person. . . full of spunk. Secondly, I really do not want all of my entries to be of me complaining and/or ranting. 469 more words

Part Two

One day I will spin around on my heel

three times

and say I wish I will not have to say what for,

and when I come to a halt… 116 more words

So It's been a while...

So, it’s been some time since I last wrote anything that I shared here. I blame it on being rather busy and actually enjoying myself the majority of the time in this last year (still have my bad weeks but they are far more manageable with the great friends I have around me). 1,595 more words