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Trying to get out of the funk

Some days I wake up and just hate the world. I hate that I have to wake up. I hate that certain people exist. I hate what I know I have to do. 1,510 more words

Frothing At The Mouth

New Beginnings.

I sat there, in silence, as she read my words out loud.  Needless to say I cringed.  It’s bad enough to listen someone read your writing, but even more so when its your  thoughts that have taken you close to 12 years tease out the “normal” thoughts from the ones your brain makes up just to  make you feel miserable. 293 more words



We search for comfort in packets of pills that put us in a deep sleep and make us wish that we never woke up.
We eat food that disgusts us because we aren’t worth the nice tasting stuff. 79 more words


A Story of Today's (Read: Daily) Struggle with Depression

“Hey, it’s August! Rise and shine, it’s a new month, TheVeRa!” A voice that I recognised as my angel woke me up, a bit too early for most people. 996 more words


Getting to Know Myself!

The one thing that has come out from my journey out of my depression and to a point when eventually I have learnt to truly live with it is that I have had to go through a process of discovering myself and know what makes me tick. 402 more words


I'm Back ! Better than ever and here to stay.

So I’m back, I guess ! I mean, doing this blog has taught me so much about myself and others that I kinda lost myself in the process, that is why I didn’t write any post for two long months, although it feels more like a year. 854 more words

It May Be a Long Shot

Whether it is writing, painting, singing, or designing bridges, this quote about the odds is funny and true.

It is risky business to bet on make a living as an artist, doing what we feel happy doing, or what we feel compelled to do (instead of taking a sure paycheck from a job we don’t like). 73 more words