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And down I go,

down the suicide lane.

All disrupts before my eyes once more.

And down I go,

down the alley of pain.

Where you won’t recognize me anymore.



Balloons float lightly in the air from the helium that thrusts them up unlike the thick denseness that is left from the weight of bricks that bind from concrete and push us down until we can’t breathe. 96 more words


We're the same.

I don’t even know how to start this, it is so unlikely so me to do something like this. I am typing these words as I’m saying to myself that I shouldn’t do this but the need to express myself is far more powerful to have control over it. 523 more words


Treading water

Do you sometimes feel that you’re just wasting time? I feel like I should be out there doing amazing things, or at very least SOMETHING! I’ve become a lot more reclusive over the past few years but recently I have locked myself in to try and finish this book that I’ve been wanting to finish for well, forever really, and now instead of finishing it I’m just messing about on the internet and buying my kids halloween costumes on eBay and doing the dishes and blah blah blah. 234 more words


Unemployed nutter walking!

This morning started like one of those mornings. I felt if you could call it “emotionally hung over”. I’m going to use that, It’s a state of being for me now. 435 more words


The World Around Me

If I must be honest, I don’t feel like I’m connected to everything that is going on around me anymore.  I feel like I am sitting watching everything happen while sitting alone in a very dark movie theater.   151 more words