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How art can help anxiety

How Art Can Help Anxiety:

Anxiety has become a lot of more predominant in our young adults. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than forty million adults in America suffer from anxiety. 244 more words


I could be beautiful...

I could be beautiful, you know.

The leaves crunch under my feet, I can feel them crumble. You can’t kill the already dead, but the melancholy lingers, regardless. 357 more words


Feeling Done

It’s such a weird feeling. “Feeling done”. Some would probably refer to it as suicidal, but I prefer to think of it as done with life. 53 more words


You know I’ll be

Your life

Your voice

Your reason to be

I was always known as the fighter, the tough one.

Not many people know this, but a lot of the time, that was just a front.

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The F Word

So this morning I was browsing Youtube and I stumbled upon Emma Watson’s speech at a UN as she has recently been made the UN’s Women Goodwill Ambassador. 1,460 more words


The dreaded psychiatrist appointment.

I see my psychiatrist today, and I’m full of anxiety. You know, I’ve never met a fabulous psychiatrist, you’ve met one and you’ve met them all. 308 more words