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the house of black and white

I believe that there are some people who just aren’t meant for this world.  How they came to be was by accident.  The wrong souls sent back, or maybe the wrong souls in the wrong bodies.   347 more words


Feeling down 27/11/14 - part 2

I didn’t manage to get into the shelter tonight and my mood has swayed the other way.

I wasn’t too bothered about not getting into the shelter, however tonight I realised that some people will never be happy until they have done everything they can to make you unhappy. 167 more words

Death: I am a part of all that I have met

On Sunday a friend died, perhaps she took her own life, perhaps not. She was not a close friend, others closer to her are grieving deep as I write; for me she was a smart, funny and caring person whom I liked and respected. 330 more words


Episode 40- Where's My Medal?

You know when you do something stupid or careless in your car, like grate the gearbox when you’re going into reverse to park (and ElsaDaughter calls me the Queen of Reverse Parking, for the record – I’m really that good at it) and there are work men looking at you scathingly and leeringly at the same time? 537 more words

Mental Health

It's Stupid

Just like I thought it would, today has made by depression worse. While everyone gathers around and proclaims what they are thankful for, I have to come to a painful realization that I wish I was just being paranoid over. 167 more words


Holidays with a Chronically Ill Spouse

I wrote this back in 2011 and posted it to Facebook when I decided that I was going to take hold of how we celebrate the holidays in our house. 919 more words


Oh dear...

….’The way she feels’ by Between the Trees is playing on repeat on my iPod. That only means one thing – I am struggling with strong urges to cut. 317 more words