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Depression manifests itself in a myriad of ways, in varying levels of intensity. Sometimes it’s utterly debilitating, sometimes it coasts through you, like a grey-blue water line, so still it looks like glass. 288 more words

Confessions Part XIII


i’m a slackerrrrrr.

shuffling back and forth between two places (brooklyn and the verdant mountains upstate) over the last month has me living out of suitcases and bags, spending more time on buses and trains more than i’m used to.   504 more words


Terrors of the night

They jump into your mind

Making you tremble, shake n cry

Normal reason goes blind

Not due to tears

Due to your messed up Mind… 31 more words

The Past

Ain't No Texas Cyclone

Any type of roller coaster analogy concerning bp is not a good one.  

Roller Coasters are fun. 

The high-speed nose-dives of the Texas Cyclone at the former Astroworld, in Houston, TX was one of the most exhilarating, exciting, happiest feelings I have.ever experienced. 7 more words

Its just been one of those days

I’ve had a terrible day. My day was ruined by someone who I have never even met in my life but who nonetheless took it upon themselves to ruin an amazing opportunity for me. 385 more words

The Start

Things need to change.  I have to change.  Things cannot continue as they are.  My life is out of control and I need to reign it back in.   239 more words

Disordered Eating