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Things are going very well.


A few months ago, I was completely lost. My anxiety had crossed the barriers of my small comfort zone, which meant I had uncontrollable panic attacks even just sitting my room. 274 more words


How Do I Know If I Am Severely Depressed

Curiously easily diagnosable and treatable medical problem, depression happens to at least 20 million American adults every year. As we discussed earlier, although everyone has experienced sadness and feelings of being depressed, people that are suffering from true depression have many frequent and recurring long-term symptoms, making them view life as something not worth living. 425 more words


What others see as a blessing can be another mans curse....

This post is in respect to my grandad the great’Tommy Tucker’ this is quite an emotional subject for me because i spent a lot of quality time with this man in his last 18 month.Similar type of situation my other nan had died god bless her and her husband(not my grandad by blood but my bond with him was just as tight)the man who had been brave enough to take me on from birth as his grandson was left absolutely heart broke and in a world were life was just not worth living.As my gran passed away i picked up a bit of the responsibility in taking time out to go and see my grandad more often and doing what ever he needed doing,it turned out to be a lot more than that which i feel eternally grateful for because he helped me consume my time at quite a deep part of my illness.In the end we ended up doing everything together,my poor grandad ended up in a mental ward for about 6 weeks because he was sure there was animals in the house i even ended up ripping cupboards out of his room just to show him there was nothing behind them,just shows that your never to old for a mental health issue.I went to see him every other day to make sure he didn’t lose control of it and getting him back home was my only goal. 728 more words

Bad day for depression

I can’t write a lot since I’m at work but I need to get out of here this job is making me more sick…I’ll write more later.



My mood has continued to dive down. I am in the stage now where all I want to do is curl up in my bed and watch the world go by. 79 more words

Running: Because It's Cheaper Than Therapy

I’ve been running for about six months now, continuously. No wait, I don’t mean that I’ve been running non-stop for six months. I mean that for six months I have put my trainers on and gone around outside for a bit, with haste, at regular intervals. 557 more words


Depression in relationships | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

So many are in some funny relationships and for one reason or the other they just can’t explain why they are still in such relationships. You will be amazed at how many are in abusive relationships and are the ones defending the person abusing them. 644 more words

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