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broken soul seeks likeminded

After a particularly bad week I am back. The problem with depression is its so difficult for people to understand. They tell you to snap out of it. 998 more words

Trauma: This is 90 percent of what keeps me in business as a therapist- this is a free nugget

I was doing some work with my google machine this morning, in order to find a fresh way to help a client understand some of their “junk.” I came across the article referenced below. 227 more words

Don't Go Down in That Pit

This poem is dedicated to those suffering from mental illness and the various forms it takes.  May we all remember to choose an empathic approach to our fellow travelers. 98 more words


Addiction & Kryptopyrroles what is it?

Could this be taking you back to drinking?

Maybe your Recovery Is suffering because no one has ever looked to see if this is going on for you?

:: The Ultimate Trap ::

I don’t think I am trap at work,




even in my relationship.

I am trap in my own mind of my own psychosis.



The Only Place Left To Go is Up.

Have you ever been hurt by someone? The really crappy kind of hurt. The kind that seems to hurt forever. Well yes. I know that kind of hurt. 85 more words