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John Bevere The Holy Spirit is your best friend

I have been writing in this blog over the many months another theme that is so true to me and it effects us all so much. 162 more words

possible self harm trigger and other shit events of today.

what the heck to give as a title for today’s entry ? and where do i start ? and where will i end it ? I cut quite badly this morning, the blood was pumping out with every heart beat, how may times will my heart need to beat before in would run out of blood i though to myself. 742 more words


To my fellow bloggers of bipolar and depression (et al)

I find it so … moving and validating, among other things, to read through all the blogs each night, and see so many similarities but each one unique. 42 more words

Set 'em up. Knock 'em down.

Sometimes I think I want my days to be like a row of bowling pins; uniform, polished and evenly spaced so I can knock them down one by one. 398 more words

Well hello there, 2015, nice to meet you.

I’ve made it to another year. I remember when 2000 was such a huge deal, and now… 15 years later. Huh. When did that happen? I’ve always gone back and forth about making New Year’s resolutions. 433 more words

12/15/14 - Paralysis

Update: I feel much better {emotionally-speaking] than I did when I wrote this. Thank You God. This is a reminder that the bad days don’t have to affect me emotionally for… 286 more words


One God

I found this song that I had never heard and listened to before. I thought I would share, it’s nice and true.

God Bless You, 16 more words