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In Free Fall

I had a falling out with someone at work who I thought was being genuine with me. He actually sought me out. We exchanged emails, I shared some of my art and we chatted that way for a few weeks. 293 more words


It's killing me. The stress of living, is killing me.

‘It’s sorted’, ‘It’s okay’, J keeps telling me these things when NOTHING IS SORTED OR OKAY!!!

He seems to think he’s helping me. He thinks that I’ll be happy that something is one tiny little bit resolved and he forgets about EVERYTHING ELSE THAT’S MAKING ME ANXIOUS!!!! 31 more words


Society has us in there hands 🎀

Do you know what it’s like to be so alone? To think that no one is here for you? To feel a shamed of.. well.. Yourself 😔 why do we kill ourself to reach “perfection” ? 24 more words


The Rotten Fruit

I hit rock bottom on Saturday night. After my blasting heater made the room insufferable around three am, I got up to turn it down. I also opened the door to let in the cooler air from the hallway, and laid back down in bed. 912 more words