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I came across a really amazing collection of atmospheric portraits today by Italian photographer, Alessio Albi. These expressive portraits capture stunning images of young women lost in the depths of their thoughts, whether they’re surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes outside or curled up in the shadowy depths of their homes. 82 more words

What Are You Missing If You're Spread Too Thin?

Less is more.  We can spread ourselves thin and wade only in shallow waters, or we can simplify life and get lost its richness and depth. 98 more words


Because "having it all together" isn't always what it seems

It’s been a little while since I’ve had the time and energy to post something. Thoughts have been flying through my head and as I’m at work I try to assemble them into something that will be easy for me to write later…and then I get home and find myself too tired to write coherently. 931 more words


When God told me Cambodia wasn’t my story (yet), I was frustrated. Here I am drinking Starbucks in Oregon while my immediate family hops on a plane to spend the next ten years bringing Jesus to a third world country. 370 more words


In-depth: A fashion brand CRO case study

How golfing brand Lyle& Scott achieved a 48% Increase in Revenue Per Visitor Throughout its 140 year history Lyle & Scott has built a global reputation for distinctive, beautifully designed, high quality knitwear, combined with the brand’s solid authority and presence in the golfing sector.   116 more words