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Too many people wait until the last minute to seek help preparing for an important audition or interview. They come to sessions looking for a quick fix. 292 more words

Kind, Not Nice

So the other day, while I was at work, I was thinking about words. That happens a lot, actually. Sometimes I think about the origin of different words, or how some words, which are technically synonyms, can have very different connotations, thereby impacting the sentences in which they are used. 390 more words

Two different ways the camera explains the geography of a location and the storytelling difference when placing or moving an actor upstage/downstage as oppose to across frame:

The film White God is set in a Hungarian city, the main character is a young girl called Lili. She seems to be alone in a world with the only one with a good heart and brain; all the adults tell her what to do and are heartless. 749 more words

Y2 Camera 2014

It starts with an Earthquake; Birds and Snakes; An Aeroplane...

Before embarking on this collection, a preface is in order. I started this in the belief that, in isolation, each piece I post here could lack clarity and would need some context. 730 more words


Violet in motion

Lilies in slow movement with various hues of violet.

The World Around Us

The Read.

It is a read
a beautiful read
in-depth read
is full of lead
is a lively lead
is a sensible lead
packed with information
reveals intricate information… 16 more words