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Touch me.

When i close my eyes,
I can feel your soft touch
Against my skin,
And the pleasure it does bring.
I can see the depths… 33 more words

Creative Writing


A hunch holds
soft frost
of my hands.
Keeps me to
drifting around
on the sea of
Depths are calling
with enchanting
voice… 51 more words


on birthdays.

someone smiles for you

just for your well-being

someone’s there to remember it for you

adding importance to your existence

tender emotions spilled across this day… 111 more words


Layered Glass And Wood Table Appears Like Ocean Depths

The Abyss Table – is an amazing nautical-themed coffee table that seems like ocean depths I believe this layered glass and wood table is a bit much more work of artwork than it is a piece of furnishings. 15 more words


The latest from Camp Klimeks is ‘Shards’, an immersive, atmospheric instrumental.  Keeps things simple, the London-based producer bases the track around a deep, undulating and stripped-back synth melody.   29 more words

Hip Hop


Life is deep. And sometimes we get lost in the darkness of these depths. Every so often, I find myself feeling life so deeply, I don’t know what to do. 856 more words

from the surface.

sink away i from superficial joys

i wish to believe in kindness

yet this tight feeling repels me from you

something is withering consistently within me… 126 more words