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"…find yourself in its hidden depths."

“Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.” Rumi

“Tu corazón tiene el tamaño de un océano. Ve encuéntrate a ti mismo en sus profundidades escondidas.” Rumi

Live Love Meditate


they lead to mornings
or to nights
if continued on
to places unknown
a path to discovering oneself
a road can be a journey by itself… 15 more words


Oil Painting: Fear - Deep Waters

Fear – Deep Waters

There are some people who have a fear of depths or deep waters. This fear is called bathophobia. Sufferers of this phobia experience anxiety even though they are safe from falling into the depths. 240 more words

Oil Painting

When It's too dark to see.

It’s at this hour of night that my thoughts become as dark as the skies. One simple memory chains my body and emotions, and it is that one small memory that unlocks the lost ones. 337 more words


standing where the world ends, a tear waits
even dry winds cannot dry this pain
that stands the test of time, of life
a soul so gripped in itself… 38 more words



in the deep forest of night
a moonless sky weeps
i can hear depths cry
the sky bleed
its tears forming an
ocean in me so vast… 27 more words



skin deep sheet
of passion’s wine
the spills of last night
the window seems far
a floor darker than abyss
i close my eyes
lie down, open arms… 18 more words