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Damn those eyes

Damn that sigh

Your eyes were wide and blue

and my heart felt gray

Damn, will I be hurt again?

Fuck, I’ll never know… 30 more words

...this quiet retreat... CD 626 (12.14)

…this quiet retreat…        
CD 626 (12.14)

rustic and hidden
a place to recharge, and hunt
in retrospection

how far the city has wound
into the depths of one’s’ veins… 17 more words


Ocean Waves

From the depths of this ocean
We cannot see the light
As the waves crash overhead
The dawn is not in sight
But as the chaos swirls around… 22 more words


~~ Peace ~~






It’s a still, cold evening.  The golden, full moon is slowly rising from the depths along the horizon.  A deep, dark sky is strewn with pin points of diamond light, uncountable stars glittering in the chill.  16 more words

singing down the sun

it is hardest to write

a poem for your

self; instead of sending it

out, off into the universe,

this one drills down,

directly in: 123 more words


The Puddle (poem)

I pondered lonely as a puddle
I have no depth. I am a muddle

On my surface all you’ll see
Is your own face. That’s not me. 15 more words