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"Pacific Laments" 1946 Charles Olson

“Sleep, boy, sleep/ in older aims than hers,/ rocked by and older father;/ toss no more,/ love;/ sleep.”

“deep there on ocean’s floor/ turn/ as water stir/ turn, bone of man” 27 more words



something burns a light

constant rays filling my breath

from afar his presence i can feel

to his shadow i kneel

in a cradle my conscience… 37 more words


Flipping Coins.

the image alters

in sudden ways

something dies

in endless disgrace

yet the birth of a moment

in the glimpse of an eye

i can never forget… 53 more words



what festivities lie for one?

the feeling of being lost in a crowd

is a pleasant pain, yet a painful pleasure at once

everything clear to eyes… 82 more words


You cover over all depths

You cover over all depths
sink into all horizons
saturate the rain, anointing
© Crystal Chan

Weekly Haiku Challenge XII

 What creature deserves

Time and attention more than

The one in your depths