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Matthew eats... Mr Selfridge vs Last Tango In Halifax

I’m trying something a little different with this blog post, in that I’m comparing two shows that are going head-to-head against each other in the schedules. 559 more words


Of Miranda and Monks

As I was pacing my lawn and mediating this morning, two interesting thoughts came to me. As I pace I push the lawn mower and its steady noise makes a reassuring backdrop to my thoughts. 520 more words


"Love is the Devil": A portrait of a cruel affair

Take away the drinking, the sadomasochism, the horrific visions, and the fact that one of Britain’s great modern painters is involved, and “Love is the Devil” might be just like any other love story. 407 more words

55. (William Shakespeare)

The crisis for Richard II, and the crisis of Richard II, comes in Act 3, Scene 2: landing from Ireland, he assumes a conqueror’s pose on the shores of his own kingdom upon learning of Bolingbroke’s return from exile; hearing of further turns of fortune, each a turn of the screw in his fate, his responses veer wildly from defiant to triumphant to despairing to stoical, from affirmations of the symbolic power of the king to admissions of the brute force of men needed to uphold the symbol. 1,182 more words

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Last Tango in Halifax

This BAFTA Award winning tv drama is now onto its third series, however I (bizarrely) have only just happened upon it. I have to say though, what an absolute treat it is! 419 more words

Anne Reid

"The Imitation Game" Would Benefit From More Sex and Fewer Lies

You shouldn’t watch “The Imitation Game” without also seeing “Breaking the Code,” the 1996 film based on Hugh Whitemore’s play. The source material for both is Andrew Hodges’ book, “Alan Turing: The Enigma,”  but the approaches differ so that the two films at times seem to be about two different people. 287 more words

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Effie Gray - Trailer

Effie Gray tells the true story of… erm… Effie Gray. Gray was the teenage bride of Victorian art critic John Ruskin.

Usually I would assume this one’s not really my cup of tea, more of a film for my mother to watch on a Sunday afternoon while my dad’s asleep. 49 more words