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Casualty: Casualty without Charlie? Seriously?

(Series 29, ep.3)  “Do I really want a department without Charlie?” mused Tess at the start of this episode. The answer to that should really be an unequivocal “no,” but nobody seems very convinced of that. 361 more words


Casualty: That'll teach me to miss episodes

(Series 29, ep.2) Dipping my toe back into the waters of Casualty after quite a long break, I found myself a bit confuzzled. I thought Jeff had left? 317 more words


The Atlantic hates baseball

A recent article in The Atlantic states that technology advancements – specifically cameras – has ruined baseball. We all know the cameras, they are everywhere – they are the reason you can use Gameday on mlb.com to see balls and strikes per batter. 226 more words