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The Allman Brothers not splitting up due to Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes departure...

Earlier this year the two longtime guitarists for the Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes (pictured above) have both announced that they are leaving the band for good. 501 more words


Frogwings - Hurdy Gurdy Fandango (2000)

Frogwings is a mega-jamband-supergroup.  They named the band Frogwings as a tribute to the late Duane Allman. When a friend was complaining about his regrets in life, saying “if only I had done this or that,” Duane would respond, “Yeah, and if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bust his ass every time he jumped.   118 more words


Dudes throughout the world rejoice !- Gregg Allman about ABB:" We are not breaking up. !"

My day, week, month and year was just made.   Dudes throughout the world rejoice, the Allman Brothers band is NOT breaking up…..



Derek Trucks 宣布將離開 Allman Brothers Band

擔任 Allman Brothers Band 吉他手 15 年之久的 Derek Trucks,於一月時發表聲明,將在今年過後將離開 Allman Brothers Band。

創團元老 Gregg Allman 表示 Derek 的離團就意味著 Allman Brothers Band 的結束,但由於時值他們慶祝45周年的系列巡迴,樂團方面並沒有正式的聲明。

不過Derek Trucks日前在受雜誌訪談時,談到自己如此決定的原因和未來方向。

Derek認為一個樂團能在巔峰時急流勇退是一件可遇不可求的事,15年的合作關係帶給他無數的驚奇,是時候往下個階段前進。但他不要求其他團員們與他同進退,畢竟樂團並不是他創立的。 48 more words