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New Release for Kindle: Math Shorts - Derivatives

The rich and exciting field of calculus begins with the study of derivatives. This book is a practical introduction to derivatives, filled with down-to-earth explanations, detailed examples and lots of exercises (solutions included). 149 more words


Arbitrage – The Basics

Hi Friends!!! Back with a bang on another intriguing and extremely popular-yet-so-mysterious topic – ARBITRAGE.
What is arbitrage you ask – I won’t be able to explain you this without a dose of example at the onset. 209 more words


26 Aug 2014 (AFR) - Six-year highs have analysts worried about pullback

(26 August 2014, AFR, p28, John Wasiliev)

‘After focusing for some weeks on the local sharemarket’s inability to climb above the 5500 point level, commentators involved in trading are now apprehensive about its scope to hang onto gains that last week saw the ASX 200 surge to a six-year high of around 5650 points.’ 10 more words

1.Market Observations


We presented an example of a Covered Call for FITB last week.

Using our NQ2 Engine’s inputs, the Option Chain inputs directed us to BUY a CALL at the $20 Strike Price with a Limit Entry Price at 0.42. 226 more words


Differential Calculus (Curve Analysis): Concavity and Inflection Points

Another purpose of the second derivative is to analyze concavity and points of inflection. (See figure below)


The area between A and B is concave down – upside-down U or a frown; the areas outside A and B are concave up – right-side up U or a smile; and A and B are inflection points. 196 more words


Differential Calculus (Curve Analysis): Absolute Extrema

Have you ever been at Mt. Everest’s peak? I do wish I could get there. Well, this is the basic idea of this section. Instead of finding all local extrema (both minimum and maximum), you just want to determine the  103 more words