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Power Rule Implies Chain Rule

Having developed the Product Rule  and the Power Rule  for derivatives in your class, you can explore similar rules for the product of more than two functions and suddenly the Chain Rule will appear. 103 more words


Letting The Computer Do The Hard Work

Sometime in late August or early September 1994 I had one of those quietly astounding moments on a computer. It would have been while using Maple, a program capable of doing symbolic mathematics. 656 more words


One way to soften the blow, grab them by a collar

Financial Review

There is a range of strategies available to traders of shares via derivatives depending on the view a trader has about the shares over a particular time horizon like a post company reporting season and the payment of dividends. 404 more words

Contributions To Newspapers, Magazines,TV

Some Great Examples of Good Investment:

Warren buffet: A good business that can be purchased for less than the discounted value of its future earnings.

George Soros: An investment that can be purchased (or sold) prior to a reflexive shift in market psychology/fundamentals that will change its perceived value substantially. 111 more words


Yes, IT can be sold like a barrel of oil (but it's going to take some work)

Big companies use commodity contracts to ensure predictable prices for oil, wheat, electricity, metal and other crucial supplies that keep their businesses going. These days, a crucial supply for many companies is cloud computing power — raising the question of whether that too can be bought and traded in the same way as oil or oranges. 1,403 more words

The Most Popular Futures and Options Products in the World



KOSPI 200 – the most liquid index in South Korea and one of the most liquid index futures in the world.   68 more words


The Secret Financial Market Only Robots Can See

The following article is by Tim Fernholz, and has been written on September 16-th, 2013 and is proposed here verbatim.

What if someone told you the stock market crashed and spiked 18,000 times since 2006, and you had no idea? 986 more words