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Using our NQ2 Model, we identified MSFT as a robust LONG CALL option play – SEPT at the Strike price of 44.00.  This is solely based on the data posted below. 396 more words

Darboux's Theorem

Jean Gaston Darboux was a French mathematician who lived from 1842 to 1917. Of his several important theorems the one we will consider says that the derivative of a function has the Intermediate Value Theorem property – that is, the derivative takes on all the values between the values of the derivative at the endpoints of the interval under consideration. 1,074 more words


#Derivatives are Getting a Makeover but are Still Financial WMDs

by @anarchyroll

Can a nuclear bomb be repackaged and sold as anything other than a weapon of mass destruction?

Countries that have the bomb, like the United States, claim they can be used as weapons of peace. 333 more words


The Sin of Wages: Shock! Horror! (not..) Paymageddon!

In the latest astounding Shock! Horror! Revelation (see’ Things We Know..’ below)- to hit the economy, discretionary spending and the consumer society took another big hit today when we found out that wages had actually started… 1,043 more words


@RISK Improves Upon Black-Scholes Options Pricing Method

The financial world holds a great deal of risk. To help balance some of the unknowns, Dr. José Raúl Castro Esparza, professor at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de  Puebla… 289 more words

Case Studies

Settling the bill

In contrast to the Argentine government’s interpretation of events, ISDA considers the non-payment of the interest to bondholders to be a credit default – at least as far as credit derivatives are concerned (bets on/protection against default).   323 more words


A New Breed of Derivatives...Really?

Hello everyone…You heard right!  Hard to believe it, but it’s true!  If we didn’t learn the first time around about Wall Street created derivatives, how about a second round?  380 more words