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Of Mice and Men

In 1785, the famous Scottish author Robert Burns penned his most famous poem “To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough” which contains the ¬†following lines: 596 more words

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

When I last posted, my husband and I were about to sell our house, and we had no house to move into. This is because we backed out of the contract we had on another house. 569 more words


An Introduction to Prednisone and My No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Day.

Take it, they said.

It’ll make you feel better, they said.

It’s a wonder drug that saves lives!, they said.

What they didn’t say is how in ‘massive’ doses prednisone will also make you gain weight, lose your hair, develop ‘moon face’, discover new and intriguing pain each day that wasn’t there before, not sleep for days at a time, be a total basket case and have skin akin to a pubescent 13 year old…. 1,056 more words


A Bit of Background.

Slightly over a year ago I never knew a simple meet and greet with a new doctor would change my life as I knew it. 435 more words


Back at the beginning?

Not really sure what’s going on but I’m in a lot of pain lately. The docs answer is to put me on a couple weeks worth of the dreaded steroid I’m finally off of. 184 more words

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