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"What Do You Have, Again?"

“So, what do you have, again?” he asks of me.

The “he” has been family for over 9 years.

What I have (again) will not, I guarantee, 166 more words


Paleo and Myositis

So recently my doctor have been experimenting with meds and had me on Cellcept (a less harmful medicine) to get me off Prednisone (Corticosteroid immunosuppressant medicine with nasty side effects) while monitoring my bloodwork on weekly basis. 461 more words


Muscular Myopathy

Inflammatory muscular myopathy is a disease that affects muscle tissues. I wanted to feature this post to bring awareness to this condition as it affects the lifestyles of millions of patients worldwide. 482 more words


A sad story

Working at a hospital, there are very many sad stories, I see around, which make our hectic and complicated lives seem so much simpler and better. 637 more words