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Poker, Chess and Life - Part 2 (Luck)

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Now we’ll move from subjectivity to luck, a more central notion in our everyday thinking. 4,052 more words


The Power Of Beliefs

Things happen for a reason. I hated my first spinning class with The Trainer for a reason (so we had reason to talk and start this thing); I injured my knees running for a reason (so I could discover the joy of lifting for a while); and I turned on the TV in the early hours of Saturday morning for a reason. 692 more words


Does Free Will exist?

One argument in Psychology is whether we have free will. In essence do we have complete control of our behaviour and consciously decide what course of action to take. 79 more words

Weird Psychology

Day 74 ~ Body Language Course

Ok so I actually consider this a bit of a hobby of mine. I’ve got a ton of books on this subject and I love love love the series Lie to Me so it’s not technically something new, however, I saw this online course on Groupon from a company called Smart Majority. 97 more words


23 Gennaio 2015 Prima Nazionale di SECRETS

Il 23 Gennaio 2015 al Teatro Troisi di Napoli, Luca Volpe presenterà la prima nazionale di SECRETS.
Uno spettacolo unico e diverso che vi farà divertire ed emozionare. 25 more words



it’s so easy to delude yourself
into playing it small and acting dumb
to pretend that you are less
and that you don’t get (grasp) things at first… 109 more words

FEMA and NIST 9/11 Investigators Victims of Mind Manipulation?

Building 7 came down in an almost perfect unencumbered collapse, falling for some time in free fall. There were a few fires on the north side but many of these had burned out by 5.20 pm. 1,945 more words