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Thoughts on conversing spirits


Here I discuss my 20 years experience of conversing with spirits. If you don’t believe it possible I prove it is!

Dickbrains Unite

“If you are a bit of a “Dickbrain”, or you are just made feel like one everyday when you go in, can I just promise you that those really cool kids; the sporty cool guys and the skinny pretty girls, all grow up to have the most boring adult lives and jobs, because they never had to forge their own path when they were younger and they didn’t have to find their own way when they were little, yeh? 119 more words


Derren Brown supporting OCD sufferers like me - My Fixers video campaign

The last couple of days have been extremely busy for me but I wanted to take some time to write a quick blog post! I launched my Fixers video which managed to get over 1000 views by day one. 548 more words

Infamous: 8 times Derren Brown blew our minds

14 years after his first show was broadcast Derren Brown continues to wow audiences.

A master of mind control, an incredible illusionist and a crafty trickster, one of the main appeals of Derren is that he denounces paranormal and psychic practices, instead focusing on misdirection, suggestion and psychology. 392 more words


Richard Dawkins & Derren Brown youtube video

Richard Dawkins & Derren Brown ‘educating’ the public in online videos shows a great ignorance & naivety on their behalf. youtube.com/watch?v=sZfzNQU6Tp0 Half truths. Human capabilities are many and an understanding of them would be beneficial. 36 more words

Stuff- Reading

Derren Brown is one of my all time greats. If there is one person I could meet up with in the world at the moment, it would be him. 207 more words

Quick Opinion

pave your future by changing your life story

We can get stuck in a picture of what our life is.

This happens a lot. From others, we pick up perceived strengths and weaknesses in our character. 459 more words