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Opinion - The ECB is blowing smoke in our eyes – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Telegraph Blogs - John Gelmini

Of the options listed by Dr Alf, the fate of the Eurozone is increasing stagnation and bail- ins, plus some rope being afforded to speculators . 345 more words


Derby Day.

Today is Derby Day
And I’m off to meet Harry
No prince he, neither unhinged
Nor unkinged
But my fathers brother
55 years on.

First off… 189 more words



If you ever desired a full Q&A Act with a memorable finale, this is the time to get your hands on my full act.
The copies are already going REALLY fast, so get your copy ASAP! 42 more words


Derren Brown Week

I recently took a week off work. As well as it being the first week of July, and therefore promising weather-wise, I also had several trips to the theatre planned. 4,183 more words

Derren Brown Tricks of the mind

I’ve read this a few times. It’s an intelligent,  warmly written and considered work from someone who’s an incredible showman.  It touches on the ways that we think, challenges some orthodoxies and gives you some things you should think about.  45 more words

I Was Feeling Very Sleepy

This was one of the first non-travel things to enter my bucket list when I started making it a few years ago and whilst I don’t have a video showing it I do have the ticket… to the show where I was hypnotised. 350 more words


Welcome to Total Mentalism!

Hello, and welcome to Total Mentalism!

This site is designed to provide information about the field of mentalism. Here you will be able to find out about the many different aspects of mentalism, including the history, famous practitioners, some of the techniques used within mentalism, and many more.