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Innovation or Retreatism: What should students in environmental studies be learning? (part 1)

Back in July I wrote a piece called Shorter Showers or Pipeline Protests? The Personal Paradox in Teaching Environmental Studies. I was reminded of this post recently during a class discussion when a student expressed frustration with the fact that all of her environmental studies courses critique capitalism yet fail to offer alternatives. 1,001 more words


A Measure of Agreement

Opportunities to acquire understanding and wisdom mount up as the years tick by. Which ones to seize, and which to ignore? Not many are brave enough to go public with what they have learned. 502 more words

Chris Hedges: Time To Dismantle Industrialized Civilization + Guy McPherson, Derrick Jensen and Richard Manning at the Earth at Risk Conference 2014 + #TPP: The Dirtiest Deal

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Last updated: Dec. 6, 2014

with Chris Hedges

The Syndicate.Info on Nov 24, 2014

Interview with Chris Hedges at The Earth at Risk 2014 Conference and the moral imperative of resistance thru non-violent direct action and mass movements of sustained civil disobedience to dismantle industrialized civilization.

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Obligations to Friends and to the Wider Culture

Here’s a good (and short) interview with Derrick Jensen about his writing process and about how he maintains his energy in all his activism and projects. 341 more words

An Unenviable Position

In the current issue of Fifth Estate (Fall/Winter 2014), John Zerzan writes:

“There is an understandable, if misplaced, desire that civilization will cooperate with us and deconstruct itself.

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