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A better assessment of business sustainability and an exit strategy are needed for agribusinesses, especially in heavily geo-engineered areas.

By Rita Chung

Looking at the case of the effects of drought on agriculture in the Central Valley of California, I tried to figure out whether there were any other solutions to water scarcity besides artificially reshaping the land once again with the Peripheral Canal project. 827 more words


Performance Evaluation of a Parabolic Solar Still

Shiva Gorjian, Barat Ghobadian, Teymour Tavakkoli Hashjin, Ahmad Banakar. Experimental performance evaluation of a stand-alone point-focus parabolic solar still. Desalination Volume 352, 3 November 2014, Pages 1–17… 202 more words

Water Supply

A Desalination Battery Could Replace a Lithium Ion Battery in the Future

People are hailing the lithium ion battery as being the gold standard in the industry because they can be recharged hundreds of times and are excellent for providing the power needed to run man different devices, including electric cars. 256 more words


Seawater Desalination Offers a Drought-Proof Water Source

California’s dependence on runoff from the Sierra snowpack, local runoff to reservoirs, and imported water from the Colorado River and Owens Valley to supply potable water to its population is well known. 464 more words


Water Shortage in California

Drought, in California, is a very common occurrence. I have family that lives out in California and I tend to visit them over the summer. Every single time I have gone out, in the month of June, they have been in a drought and were on a water shortage. 502 more words

Treatment of the Padlock

By Dorothy Cheng

Though the aesthetic results of conservation treatments are extremely important, conservators are equally preoccupied with the stability of vulnerable objects on a level not always apparent to the naked eye. 1,073 more words


Alternative method of Solar Desalination could provide drinking water to Indian Villages

Such moderately salty water is not directly toxic, but it can have long-term effects on health, and its unpleasant taste can cause people to turn to other, dirtier water sources. 273 more words