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South Coast Water District Board Meeting at 6:00pm Tonight

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The South Coast Water District Board Meeting is tonight, Thursday January 22 2015 at 6:00pm.
The meeting will be at Dana Point City Council Chambers located at 33282 Golden Lantern Street in Dana Point. 232 more words

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The advance of desalination (Day 239)

In 2013, IChemE took a glance into the future and highlighted how many desalination plants there might be in the UK by 2050.

Desalination plants are rare in relatively wet countries like the UK, but fairly common in Southern Europe and the Middle East. 445 more words

Geoff Maitland

Desolenator: getting drinking water with solar energy

One of the main problems in the foreseeable future is water. Taking into account the climate change effects, fresh water could be a difficult item to be found in Earth. 64 more words

Solar Energy

A Novel Approach to Desalination

 What we call salty water is nothing more than a bunch of “particles” of salt dissolved in water, in each crystal of salt we will find an organized array of “particles” of salt and what is interesting about these “particles” is that they are electrically charged particles, or Ions, some are positively charged “particles” and some are negatively charged “particles”, when dealing with crystals of salt the positively charged “particles” are sodium Ions and the negatively charged “particles” are chlorine Ions, these two Ions of opposite charge are held together by electrical attraction, as we know since our science class in high school, opposite charges attract and like charges repel , in that way each crystal of salt is formed by positively charged sodium Ions and negatively charged chlorine Ions that are “glued” together by electrical attraction. 1,145 more words


Seawater Desalination via Electricity

Seawater desalination with nothing more than a small electrical field? A simple new method of creating freshwater from seawater — that uses far less energy than conventional methods do — has just been developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Marburg in Germany. 304 more words

Seawater Desalination