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Not a drop.


William Simmons, the father of most all of the Simmons of Sampson County, was born in the eastern part of Sampson County, near Faison, N.C. 388 more words

Free Women Of Color

DNA you didn't get

DNA is a fascinating topic for genealogy, and an increasingly popular one as well.  I’m talking here about autosomal DNA – not the father-to-son (Y chromosome) or mother-to-daughter (mitochondrial) DNA that goes back to forever.  248 more words


The dilemma

IF YOU GET into the Honda, stick it in reverse, back up till the car’s butt-side is sitting midway inside the opposite carport (The Nissan must be gone), look out the driver’s window, this is what you’ll see. 484 more words



Bastion is one of our main protagonists, and can be a bit of a wild card.

He’s headstrong and proud, and out of our central party, he’s the oldest and his magic is the purest. 36 more words


Beginning of The End

So, we figured we should tell you a little bit about our comic, so here’s a quick elevator pitch for you all, to give you a sense of what kind of ideas we’re playing with over here with  123 more words


Whatcha Been Up To?

So, the last y’all heard from us it was right before we were camping-bound, and I’m sure you all thought we died.

well, Surprise, bitch. 140 more words


(07/13/2014) A Common Heritage?

Whether there is a common heritage for the descendants of Abraham and Ishmael is  in view, today.  Also, there is more on whether the word of GOD can be altered.  612 more words