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Last week Skylar has an appointment at Alder Hey children’s hospital, to do a ‘smell test’. Skylar is anosmic (she has no sense of smell) and she recently had an MRI scan done and I’d been told on an answer phone message the results were normal. 812 more words

getting deschooled

There is this term in homeschooling that describes the process and time of taking your child out of the mainstream school system and starting to homeschool. 1,207 more words



“What if the story goes further down…into the ever after….would the

kings & queens…and jacks…still be living with their laughter ?“

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Positive Ego


“One of the strangest things on earth is a place they call school

While the place is meant for learning…one learns out of…as a rule !!!  6 more words

Positive Ego


You may or may not have heard of unschooling. If you are attending or have attended public school then you probably see “unschooler” as “unEDUCATED”. That is by far NOT what unschooling is. 306 more words

To homeschool or not, that is the question

I never pictured myself as a homeschool mom. Then again, I never pictured myself as a stay at home mom, either. But at this point in my life, it just seems like the right thing to do. 1,111 more words

7 days of deschooling...

So I’ve explained why we’re home educating, but the main reason for this blog is to keep a loose track of what we’ve been out seeing and exploring, an informal journal. 984 more words