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The thought of being able to HomeSchool  has been a passion of mine since having a child, I always believed that by being a nurturing attentive parent that I could encourage my son to have a love of learning that would enable him to be a passionate homeschooler. 220 more words


The learning abyss

Everyday I’m learning more and more about myself. This journey I’m on begins to take on more meaning with each day. I’ve come to realize that homeschooling my son isn’t just about him. 324 more words


De-Schooling Success - No Summer Break for Us

When Lilith and I started homeschooling in February, I spoke with many veteran homeschoolers who shared that children pulled from a traditional school environment often require a break from the rigor and routine they were subjected to in their classrooms. 1,481 more words

Future hamburger flipper

Once I had decided to pull my son out of public school I began thinking about how I would approach learning at home. I knew there were many options, but I didn’t know up from down. 590 more words


Dare to be different

I bet you are all wondering, “So, just exactly why did she decide to homeschool?”

Wellllll, to make a long story short, my son lost faith in the school system. 1,003 more words


Our new journey

This wouldn’t be the first blog I’ve ever started, but I hope that this becomes the last. I am embarking on a new journey. One of self-improvement and one of homeschooling mama. 392 more words


Reflections on Home Education

I’m coming to the end of a three year phase as a home educator so I thought this might be a useful point to share reflections. 2,198 more words