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Describe it - no. 7

A meetup of ten people at a terrace bar.  A Spanish woman, a French woman, and eight people who are neither one nor the other.  Practise Spanish or French, take your pick. 380 more words


The Difference Between War and Combat

War is one thing and combat is another. The terms are often interchanged to no serious effect on meaning, but in the case of genre, the two are entirely different. 483 more words


#252 - Rewrite the Description...

…from #251 in the passive voice-whereby no one does anything.

My phone sat on the counter, waiting to be picked up again.  Tucked just behind a cookie display, out of sight of anyone else around. 

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Case Management Job Description For Fun and For You

Are you looking for a definition of Case Management? Are you confused about just what Case Management is? You are not alone. I also was very confused about this role when I began Case Management years ago. 165 more words

One Major Reason Less is More in Creative Writing

People often say, “Less is More,” and the cliché has become just that–a cliché, overused, known by everyone–because it has some real wisdom behind it. 828 more words

Creative Writing

Gertrude (A Character Description)

Writing Prompt
Design a sci-fi/ fantasy hero. What is his or her world like? What is his or her background? What makes this character unlike the rest?  
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