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Monster Manual & Dungeon Master Guide

@GX_Sigma @KurtTowsley The MM includes a lot of campaign inspiration: lore, lairs, and the like. The DMG has the campaign nuts and bolts.

Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) September 19, 2014

Communication and how to master the art of Correct Communication-Part 1

What makes us humans different from the Animals? It indeed is art of speaking or communicating. We people have voice through which we communicate effortlessly. We donot have to depend on the signals/gestures. 216 more words


Setting the scene

Your characters are the most essential part of any story, not just the setting you place them in, but the two must work together to draw your audience into the story and visualise it for themselves. 321 more words

Novel Journal


I wish I would’ve written more in high school.  I really do.  That’s when I needed the release.  He would break up with me, I would starve myself.   234 more words


What does your label say?

We live in a brand conscious world where an item’s value is determined by the brand name. Certain brands are more favourable than others, and some brands are to avoided at all costs. 360 more words

Don't spell it out.

One of the most common things I see in early drafts of writing is authors feeling the need to spell it out for readers. Stuff like “It didn’t make sense” or “That meant Martha had to be the killer” are sentences that make your reader feel like you’re coddling them. 192 more words

Creative Writing