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Jacqueline. Twenty one and works behind a desk. Her grey suit serves as her skin. It looks the same as everyone else around her. It camouflages her into the office walls, like a bran new piece of equipment, fulfilling the same old tasks. 210 more words


Descriptions: The boy on his way to Tesco

He was tall enough that I, at 5″7, could fit neatly under his armpit. Jet black stubble forced its way out of the fleshy rolls between his chin and neck; it matched his long, silken hair, but contrasted his startling blue eyes. 20 more words

Descriptive Prose

Descriptions: The man at the harbour

We kicked stones as we walked along the beach absent-mindedly. We did this everyday, the walk back from the furthest beach. Stopping at the pier, we leant over the edge and looked out to sea. 104 more words

Descriptive Prose

Into The Day

He whispered a thought into her ear. She turned her eyes onto him and ripple fell through the both of them. The night roared on, in patches of bruised purple and shinny coal. 104 more words


Here Comes The Sun

The nighttime darkness was dripping off of the surrounding grey stone buildings along Piccadilly like runny tar.

The steady rain tried its best to drown the life out of everything. 853 more words


The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (Lyrics via Description) (HQ)

From their 1966 masterpiece Pet Sounds. HD just for the sound…no fancy vid just the music. Guess why I disabled the comments? Just guess. LYRICS: I may not…
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The Bread

The bread. The bread. The doughnuts? No. The bread. What about the M&M cookies? They call to me with their little chocolatey voices. Their multicoloured bodies laid to rest amongst a grave of golden brown dough. 245 more words