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Traffic vs. Bread Crumbs

What kind of images come to your mind when you think of “desensitization?” Most often we hear this word in terms of sex and violence. … 899 more words

You're so Textual; pt.1

Texting is an interesting phenomenon. I am grateful for the abilities that this technology has provided us: instant, discrete and near effortless communication. Discrete applies only to those who do not have their obnoxious ringtones turned up to the maximum level. 277 more words


5 Reasons to Stop Using Porn…Now!


Now and then, I see pornography statistics in one source or another — the percentage of people using porn, the amount of money spent, the number of hours consumed, and more. 103 more words

“Pornography is good for relationships. It helps spice things up.”

Such a common argument from porn viewers, but it’s not true. Pornography actually deteriorates one’s ability to have empathy, while at the same time it sexualizes pain, domination and humiliation. 171 more words