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Positive Behaviors at the Vet

As a passionate pet parent, you ultimately see your pet as a reflection of you and the love and devotion you have for them.  It’s always important to remember that our canine and feline companions receive an enormous about of feedback from our own emotions and behaviors, even when we think we’re not sharing anything at all.   956 more words

Animal Hospitals

Time To Raise The Bar

There are few fields in which having grown up either performing a task or with the student, is enough to qualify one as a professional… 287 more words

Helping Fearful Dogs

Recover 3-12-14

It’s been really hard for me to come out to my family about having PTSD. My father think’s it is a cry for attention and my mother is just worried and confused because she can’t wrap her head around it. 526 more words

My Problems With Social Media

Makes outward appearance more important than the condition of our heart

Something that each and every person has struggled with is the temptation to present themselves as better than who they really are. 734 more words

Physiological Desensitization and Judgements About Female Victims of Violence

Linz, et al (1989)
“Physiological Desensitization and Judgements About Female Victims of Violence”

This research reinforces the idea that people become desensitized to violence in media after repeated exposure to it. 503 more words

Mass Media Theory

The Psychological Effects of Watching Horror Movies

Psychological Effects of watching Horror Movies

As most of us know, horror movies can cause anxiety, nightmares and paranoia in some viewers. Exposure to gory imagery and violence can have many negative effects on the mind, which goes for both children and adults. 262 more words


Social Anxiety

Personally, I find social anxiety controversial as I think that everyone is anxious in social interactions one way or another. They just differ in the extent. 293 more words

Random Talk