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5 Reasons to Stop Using Porn…Now!


Now and then, I see pornography statistics in one source or another — the percentage of people using porn, the amount of money spent, the number of hours consumed, and more. 103 more words

“Pornography is good for relationships. It helps spice things up.”

Such a common argument from porn viewers, but it’s not true. Pornography actually deteriorates one’s ability to have empathy, while at the same time it sexualizes pain, domination and humiliation. 171 more words


So we made it home safely after our little road trip down south to meet up with Mom’s university classmates. There were fewer this year than last, but a few new faces as well. 371 more words


A five minute impersonal broadcast is repeated on 45 minute intervals by two detached voices, they talk briefly and sparingly about splintering wars and cracked lives in countries other than the one you’re in. 33 more words

And so it begins...

After forming our group we’ve been throwing around a series of ideas – trying to settle on one interesting enough that we’re all happy to spend the next several months researching and labouring over it. 79 more words

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