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Snakes and Sticks

You tell me they said you’ll need a walking stick to go any real distance from now on.

Everyone here walks with one.

I use the hickory stick your father gave me to tell rattlesnakes I’m two steps back. 150 more words


"The Insanity Principle" in Joshua Tree

“The Insanity Principle” Actors Workshop with Linda Carmella Sibio. July 19th & 20th. at a retreat home in Joshua Tree. This is where are I lived for the weekend. 57 more words


On the outside looking in. Abandoned motel; Amboy, CA


South American Adventures: Day 6 - Nasca

Nasca is home to the famous Nasca Lines, mysterious and giant scratched out carvings in the desert created thousands of years ago.

En route to Nasca, I had the pleasure of sitting in the front of our travel vehicle, where I saw amazing views of the changing landscape as we cruised down the Pan American Highway. 430 more words

Desert Camping with the Bedouins in Wadi Rum

Camping is high on my list of things to do. The Husband is not too keen, but when he saw how disappointed I was about not being able to camp on our up-coming road trip, specially in Death Valley, he were sweetly came up came up with a plan to do some local camping. 292 more words

White Sands National Monument

Even though we only spent one day here, it was one of the most memorable experiences I have had out West.  A perfect mix of playing like kids and romantic date on the beach. 185 more words