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Desertification can be defined as ‘the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture’, it essentially refers to land degradation or the long-term loss of land productivity. 203 more words


Kew’s Great Green Wall to hold back Saharan terror

The Sunday Times -

IT IS A long way from Kew Gardens to the southern edges of the Sahara desert. Yet scientists from the botanical garden are helping to plant a 5,000-mile wall of trees across Africa. 879 more words


How extensive is California's drought?

A snake-like trickle of water flows underneath Lake Oroville's Enterprise Bridge — just one striking example of how much California's chronic drought is affecting the state's lakes and reservoirs. 167 more words

Climate Change

The Chinese GREAT GREEN WALL (The Economist)

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Afforestation in China : Great Green Wall

ZHANGJIA VILLAGE, HEBEI PROVINCE Vast tree-planting in arid regions is failing to halt the desert’s march… 227 more words


Lack of rainfall in the Sahel ( Yahoo News)

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Urgent action needed to tackle Sahel’s lack of rainfall : UN


By AFP |

A dearth of rainfall in the Sahel could have “severe consequences” for food and agriculture across the region, a UN official said Tuesday, urging urgent action to tackle droughts. 202 more words


Raising questions on how the impact of science is measured (SciDevNet)

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‘Highly influential’ scientists still rare in the developing world

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  • Only 86 of about 3,200 in the Highly Cited Researchers list are in developing nations…
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Funding research may improve the skill base needed for development (DFID / SciDevNet)

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Research is ‘no panacea’ for development, finds DFID

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  • Evidence fails to support assumptions about how research drives change

  • But funding research may improve the skill base needed for development…

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