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Desertion in the Civil War, from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture

Another Civil War Arkansas entry from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, this one on Desertion in the Civil War by Steven L. Warren of Overland Park, Kansas. 1,380 more words

Desertion, Martial Manhood, and Mental Illness: The Case of Sgt. Bergdahl

Several months ago, when I submitted my first blog post for Nursing Clio, I included a short section about Civil War veterans who had lost their right to a pension because they had deserted the army during the war. 1,034 more words


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Sarah Handley Cousins has an article at Nursing Clio about Sgt. Bergdahl. While the furor over Sgt. Bergdahl's return has died down, questions about his release still remain. Cousins approaches Sgt. Bergdahl from a different perspective. She asks what role mental illness has played not just in the desertion of Bergdahl, but of other soldiers from United States in previous wars. We are finally beginning to understand the devastating impact of post traumatic stress disorder on soldiers. It is possible that PTSD played in role in Bergdahl's case.

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And so we pack up and leave. In this time and age we thought we’d never be away. Yet the feeling of desertion grips. It takes hold and refuses to leave. 94 more words

O Think Not

Oh, think not I am faithful to a vow!
Faithless am I save to love’s self alone.
Were you not lovely I would leave you now: 119 more words

The Swift Boys and Me, by Kody Keplinger

Summary: Nola Sutton has always been friends with the Swift boys, Cannaan, Brian, and Kevin, but when their father leaves them without saying good-bye the boys start to change, and her long-time friends begin to pull away from her at a time when she needs them more than ever.


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World War II vet, 90, closer to getting Marines to fix AWOL error in war record

World War II vet, 90, closer to getting Marines to fix AWOL error in war recordFoxNews.com ^ | Published July 01, 2014 | Joshua Rhett MillerPosted on 7/1/2014, 1:52:51 PM by topher… 292 more words

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I could call you Madeline Herzog and not be that far off in many ways.

Trouble is our ethnicity is all wrong for that.

I so desperately wish for once in our blond haired blue eyed WASP lives we were Catholic because then you wouldn’t leave me.  126 more words