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The type of people I hate the most

Those who take advantage of others.

On the bus this evening, I saw 2 guys and a rather big girl who appeared to be one of the guys’ girlfriend. 335 more words

Undeserved Love

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

I first heard this statement while watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I thought it profound because this truth is revealed over and over again. 234 more words

Understand, Really?

I sometimes don’t understand why people don’t let you love them. Why can’t people see that you’re the right person for them and that if you’re going to be given the chance you’re not going to waste it. 77 more words

Do we deserve second chances?

About a month ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half over a lot of heavy mistakes on his part, 932 more words


“I Deserve Speaking It into Existence”

By: Kathleen P. Martin
Hello Ladies how is your Sunday going? Like I say all the time, if it isn’t going well today, continue to believe that it will change. 722 more words

If it wasn't this...it would be something else

It’s hard when you want something and you can’t have it. Even worse when you’re not even given the opportunity. I am no stranger to want. 269 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

“Deserve your dream.” – Octavio Paz