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Letterform Basics for Writers

When grapefruits were 5 cents and oranges a penny, grocers wrote their own signs and they did well. They just wrote: “APPLES DELICIOUS 4 LB 25 ¢” and they sold apples. 863 more words


Parametric Node (N-AM 10)

/// Parametric Node (N-AM 10)

The latest version of N-AM series finally revealed. M.eng. Alamir Mohsen is working on the development of a parametric node under supervision of Prof. 105 more words


Fernando Chamarelli - Graphic Illustrations

Fernando Chamarelli is an artist and illustrator with a degree in graphic design. His early interest with art was through comics, caricatures and realistic portraits only to leave way to street art and tattoo art. 43 more words


Bored Panda|Delicate Pressed Flower Sculptures

Ignacio Canales Aracil, a Spanish sculptor created stunning pressed flower sculptures. This project was worked on with several famous European landscape designers. Aracil was able to hand-pick flowers  and then place them in molds until they dried.  32 more words