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I just found out about teespring and thought it would be the perfect platform for my silly Star Wars / David Hasslhoff mashup shirt.

Please check out the site, it seems like a great idea for fun one off shirts, and let people know about mine! 11 more words


Exquisite Design: Row House x Lukas Machnik Interior Design

Remodeled by interior designer Lukas Machnik, the ‘Row House’ is situated in Bucktown, Chicago. 


‘Sunomata’ House in Japan x Keitaro Muto Architects

Designed by Keitaro Muto Architects, the ‘Sunomata’ is a single family residence, located in the city of Ogaki, Japan. 


'Coral House' x Gerardo Ars Arquitectura

Name: Coral House
Location: Boca Del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico
Project Date: 2013
Construction Date: 2014
Architects: Gerardo Ars Arquitectura
Design Team: Gerardo Robles Sanchez
Plot Area: 16 more words


DC Destinations: Jazz in the Garden

A DC summer can have some miserable moments, especially when all the important people doing important things have to face the heat and humidity in their important clothes. 269 more words

Story Of The Week

Exquisite Design: Russet Residence x Splyce Design

Designed by Splyce Design, the Russet Residence resides in West Vancouver, Canada. Browse through the gallery below and let us know what you think!


'Pony Girl' Rocker x Peter Jakubik

Designed by Peter Jakubik, the ‘Pony Girl’ rockers are similar to the classic rocking horse toys we once played on as children, but with a splash of adulthood and erotic fantasy. 19 more words