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Fitbit Surge

Designed by Fitbit Inc.

The ultimate fitness super watch. Take your workout and training to the next level with a watch that does it all. See distance, pace, and elevation climbed with live updates from the all new GPS tracking installed in the… 167 more words

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The Diary of a “Glamorous” Life? ... Part 3

Days 6 – 8 …

For the past few seasons, London has been THE PLACE for great fashion … and this trip is no exception. Taking the same trends as in Paris, London gives its own slant to the colours and mixes, and the results are graphically breathtaking. 287 more words


The Diary of a “Glamorous” Life? ... Part 2

Days 2 & 3 …

Refreshed, we again hit the streets of Paris. The real work on this trip is now beginning. At the same time, I am mentoring a new young assistant on her first trending trip to the fashion capitals … an excellent opportunity for me to see them through new eyes as well! 556 more words


The Diary of a “Glamorous” Life? ... Part 1

Spring lines are invading retail floors and next Fall’s offerings are safely en route to sales reps, so that can only mean one thing in the fashion business … time for the biannual pilgrimage to Europe to start the trending process for next Spring. 482 more words


Chemex coffeemaker

Designed by Peter J. Schlumbohm

In 1941, Peter J. Schlumbohm of Germany, invented The Chemex coffeemaker. Schlumbohm had received his doctorate in chemistry from the University of Berlin. 206 more words

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Piaggio Vespa

Designed by Piaggio

What is Vespalogy?

The Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter made by Piaggio. In Italian, Vespa translates to wasp, which is appropriate! 187 more words

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Hammock hanging Cacoon

Designed by hang-in-out LLP

The Hanging Cocoon is a suspended hammock that gives you the privacy to read, meditate, or have some ‘me’ time without being stared at by neighbors, nagged by the wife, or bothered by your terrible ugly children. 530 more words

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