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11 Design Solutions for Sloping Backyards

We are not all blessed with an open, flat garden. Many of us live in hilly towns or the rolling countryside, and gardens on slopes are the only kinds of gardens we can get. 694 more words

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Rediscovering Birmingham

We escaped the small market town in Warwickshire that has become our home for the nearest big city in search of urban inspiration. Against all odds the Belge and I have become city slickers, being somewhere busy is oddly comforting. 52 more words

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John Constable and the beauty of clouds

I’ve started to notice that England has very spectacular clouds. Rather than dismiss this as a negative thing, an impression of a wet, damp, rainy country, I want to celebrate this rather unusual and extremely beautiful phenomenon. 256 more words

Craving beach colors

I have been very burnt out lately and on top of that my husband who is a carpenter is doing a big job in the hamptons. 135 more words


Moving on...

With the move looming upon us the Belge and I inevitably argued over the finer details. We heatedly discussed where to live, we disagreed about what the move would bring us, and we debated in earnest whether we should do it at all. 233 more words

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In a Single Frame.

Imagine Van Gogh’s iconic ‘Starry Night’, whether you love it or hate it there is no denying the shear excellence of his iridescent talent. The broad, impasto strokes infused with the sultry colour palette triumphantly captures both Van Gogh’s tormented mind and the provincial dusk. 230 more words