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How to connect a SharePoint 2013 Document Library to Outlook 2013


One of the key methods of gaining User Adoption of SharePoint is ensuring and pushing the integration it has with Microsoft Office to information workers. After all, information workers generally use Outlook as their ‘mother-ship’. 689 more words

SharePoint 2013


Hi, just thought to share little knowledge on reflection with you all, as per being a developer, I was very curious to find how visual studio is giving intellisence, that took me to learn reflection and I found its really good to know about it.so I will start with using a pattern, in this way you will get to know about two things. 303 more words

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Strategy Pattern using Lambdaj Switcher

As an extension to one of my earlier posts on strategy pattern, here i am providing a sample implementation using Lambdaj Switcher.

StrategyPatternSwitcherExample.java… 149 more words


Singleton Pattern with Multithreading

The little Singleton Pattern has only one class, which ensures at any time there is only one instance of itself. By using the only ONE, you can ensure that every object in the application is making use of the same global resource. 64 more words

AngularJS - Service VS Factory VS Provider

Design pattern is very important if you want to build a manageable and scalable application. In AngularJS, we could develop module, which is also regarded as a dependency, for specific feature and it could be injected to the controller whenever it is needed. 1,745 more words


Software Design Patterns Introduction

We can define software design patterns as general reusable solutions/rules to design problems that software developers face frequently during a software development process. Design patterns are not just for OOP (object oriented programming) they can also be used in other software developing techniques. 463 more words