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Pizza problem- builder vs decorator

Problem Statement :
We need to build the software for a pizza company who wants to prepare different types of pizzas, e.g Chicken Pizza, Flat Bread, Pepperoni Pizza with Extra Cheese, put add on toppings on it. 857 more words

Design Patterns

#50-SOLID -Liskov Substitution Principle

Liskov Substitution Principle: SubType (Child Class)Must be Substitutable For Base Type(Base Class).

LSP comes into use when you use inheritance/Abstraction.


1.Child Class Should not remove Base Class Behaviour. 26 more words

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Abstract Factory Design Pattern

The main idea of the Factory Design Pattern is abstracting the factories producing different products. The idea is shown given UML diagram figure. This pattern concentrate on separating the different products and assigning production to separated factory classes. 497 more words