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Test Automation Framework Design Patterns

Test Automation Framework Design pattern helps in reducing efforts that leads to an adhoc  & duplicate testing effort. Test Patterns approach takes a different path for designing automation framework, Reusable Components ,Utilities  would be designed for… 239 more words

Automation Framework

Externalising dependencies with Dependency Injection in .NET part 5: logging with log4net


In the previous post we looked at how to hide the concrete implementation of the logging technology behind an abstraction. In fact we reached the original goal of showing how to rid the code of logging logic or at least how to make the code less dependent on it. 2,702 more words


Strategy Design Pattern


The Strategy Design Pattern defines family of algorithms, encapsulates each one, and makes them interchangeable. Strategy lets the algorithm vary independently from clients that uses it.

Class Diagram:

Design Patterns

State design Pattern

Download the working example demo code in java from my GIT repository -https://github.com/premaseem/designPatterns/blob/master/ZipDownloadableProjects/StatePatternMedicalTreatmentExample.zip

To see code visit diff link:https://github.com/premaseem/designPatterns/commit/821595e18f1c9c04f0b2c47cacb03278c0485511

The state pattern, which closely resembles Strategy Pattern, is a behavioral software design pattern, also known as the objects for states pattern. 319 more words


4 design patterns to learn with C# .NET

Here come 4 well-known design patterns that I think most developers will benefit from, even those that are by nature anti-designpattern. Note that the list is biased and only shows the ones that I personally use the most often in my work. 165 more words