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The Immediately Invoked Function Expression

The Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE, pronounced iffy) is a named/anonymous function expression that is executed immediately after its declaration.

It typically involves appending the function invocation operator… 329 more words


Think before you act (or code)

When you have a good idea, there is a huge temptation to just jump right into it and get started. When the project you’re working on is tiny and guaranteed never to grow beyond that, jumping right in may even be the most effective way to get the task done. 827 more words


Layered Application Architecture and Design Patterns

An application architecture should be layered. Each layer should have a unique responsibility and it should interact only with the adjacent layers. Application layers and their purpose should be clearly documented or well-communicated in the project team. 255 more words

Software Architecture

Builder Pattern

Builder pattern is all about separating the object construction from its representation. Below is the definition given by GOF in their classic design patterns book, 238 more words

C# Design Patterns

What are Design Patterns?

What are design patterns? And why we need to know them?

Design patterns are proven solutions to repeated/existing problems. Someone has already faced this problem and overcome it with a solution. 188 more words

Software Design

Design Patterns - Basics

What are Design Patterns

  • It is considered as a general re-usable solution to a common occurring problem.
  • Idea introduced by Christopher Alexander, a civil engineer, around 1980 in the field of architecture…
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OOP And Design Patterns

Model View Controller a little revision

In this post I will be discussing little bit about the Model , View and Controller and I will show you how we can use it in effective way. 1,214 more words