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Abstract Factory Design Pattern

Abstract Factory is one of the Creational pattern and almost similar to Factory Pattern except the fact that its more like factory of factories.

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Factory Design Pattern

Factory Pattern is one of the Creational Design pattern and it’s widely used in JDK as well as frameworks like Spring and Struts.

Factory design pattern is used when we have a super class with multiple sub-classes and based on input, we need to return one of the sub-class. 570 more words

Singleton Pattern

To implement Singleton pattern, we have different approaches but all of them have following common concepts.

  • Private constructor to restrict instantiation of the class from other classes.
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Object Persistence, Part 4 - Video

In part 3 of my Object Persistence series, I introduced the complete Visual Studio 2012 source code.

This is part 4 of my Object Persistence series. 23 more words


Artificial Brain and cryptanalysis

Was reading about different Blue brain or Artificial brain projects and thought of writing a simple network myself. So all I could afford myself is one compute machine from amazon which allows to run 3000 threads only if I am not doing much in each neuron. 93 more words


Object Persistence, Part 3 - Source Code

In part 2 of my Object Persistence series, I’ve touched on the issues that still exist today.

In part 3, I’ve published a complete sample Visual Studio 2012 solution on… 244 more words


Object Persistence, Part 2

It has been several years (six years to be precise) since I published my article “What is Object Persistence”. I have received great feedback since then from the blog post and from presentations I gave about object persistence. 1,014 more words