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An introduction to Repeatable and Upgradable Software Design

By Mark Brummel

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Partner Ready Software is a community initiative founded by Gary Winter, Mark Brummel and Eric Wauters. 1,084 more words


Design Patterns: Builder

Sometimes there is a need to create a complex object in application. The one solution for this is a Factory pattern, the another one is a Builder design pattern. 41 more words

Design Patterns

Behavioral Design Pattern – The Strategy Pattern

Strategy Pattern is one of the behavioral design pattern which defines a set of encapsulated algorithms that can be swapped to carry out a specific behavior at runtime without causing tight coupling. 475 more words

Behavioral Patterns

Producer Consumer and the Observer Design Pattern

The Producer Consumer Problem often stated in the examples of Multi Threading is by far the most intriguing for a beginner stepping into the threading and concurrent environment. 312 more words


Professional Java EE Design pattern in Java Magazine.

Our book Professional Java EE Design Patterns gets its first public outing in the Java Magazine. This is a very exciting first step as we ramp up publicity prior to its publication in January 2015. 18 more words

Java EE

Behavioral Design Pattern – The Visitor Pattern

Visitor Pattern is one of the behavioral design pattern which is used when we have to manage algorithms, relationships & responsibilities on a group of similar kind of objects at runtime, thus decoupling the operations from the object’s structure. 721 more words

Behavioral Patterns