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Object Oriented, Test Driven Design in C# and Java: A Practical Example Part #1

Download the code in C#

For a brief overview, please refer to this post.

At this point, many tutorials start by launching into a “Hello, World” style tutorial, with very little practical basis. 1,046 more words


Flyweight Design Pattern

Flyweight design pattern is a structural design pattern.

When it holds good? 

– The number of objects are going to  be huge.

-Though not all the properties would be same for all the objects, few properties would be the same for most of the objects. 193 more words


Some links to Delphi Unit Testing history

Unit testing has been here for a long time, and so has Unit Testing in Delphi. Below a summary of historic links together with some notes on how the state of affairs changed over the years. 1,499 more words


Models and bounded context in DDD - Domain Driven Design

This blog post briefly touches on some core concepts of domain-driven design and its built upon the idea of a model and its context.

A model in domain-driven design terms is an abstraction or a group of abstractions of a business model, a set of functionalities and its interactions that need to be implemented and that once completed can be used to solve problems related to such domain. 118 more words


From my reading list #21 - January 26th, 2014

Previously on my reading list #20

This month we have something special and I know not everyone enjoy this kind of thing but the .NET design team at Microsoft recorded their API review session and made it public. 306 more words

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SOLID 1 - Single Responsibility Principle

In this post I would like to share with you some important insights I gained over the last few months. This blog post will be about uncovering arcane knowledge, it will be about the… 3,369 more words