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Externalising dependencies with Dependency Injection in .NET part 1: setup


Earlier on this blog we talked a lot about concepts like SOLID, patterns and layered software architecture using Domain Driven Design.

This new series of 10 posts will draw a lot on those ideas. 906 more words


My recommended (IMHO) Books & references for Enterprise Application Architecture (EAA), SOLID Design Principles & Miscellaneous

In the past and now, people close to me, worked with me and working with me keep asking for good reference reading materials (meaning books, articles etc.) for object orientation, design principles, design patterns, Enterprise Application Architecture, Layered Architecture, Loosely Coupled Architecture etc. 1,031 more words


Notes: Design Patterns

Gang Of Four Book



Abstract Factory- Families of Objects (Factory of factories)



Factory Method Pattern: Delegate Object Creation to specific base classes




Builder Pattern: 97 more words


Preview of Advanced Apex Enterprise Patterns Session

At this years Dreamforce i will be presenting not one, but two sessions on Apex Enterprise Patterns this year. The first will be re-run of last years session, … 832 more words


Design Patterns

Design patterns are recurring solutions to design problems. There are many design patterns but as an experience Java/J2EE developer you must have expertise in some of them, which are widely asked across the Interviews. 179 more words


Legacy of the Void

Entry 11, Day 24

I’ve promised you episode on database, but I’ve lied. Okay, not exactly. Database was my plan, but I haven’t managed to play with the tools before leaving Wrocław for my short vacation. 587 more words


Factory Pattern

Lets talk about Factory pattern today. We will discuss about what is this pattern all about, why do we need it and how do we use it in our real time scenarios. 1,044 more words