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Chalk Drawing

So, a while back, I went out and drew a scale drawing of my floor plan for the tiny house on the driveway. I’ve seen some people use cardboard or tape, but I thought, hey! 411 more words


Playing with Heights

So I have 13’6″ to play with. That’s the maximum legal road height that you can have without 1. getting in trouble and 2. hitting bridges. 534 more words


Exterior Drawings #3 & #4

Normally when you’re naming the exterior sides of a house, you use the direction it’s facing, like south facing. But my tiny house can move and face any side! 360 more words

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Exterior Drawings #1 & #2

Nova Scotia got hit with a tropical storm over the weekend. My house had no power for almost 48 hours, so I couldn’t post, but I did get a lot of drawing (and reading) done! 179 more words

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Elevation Drawing #8

This is actually two different drawings, but they were small so I put them on one page:


As you can see, the top drawing is the sleeping loft. 359 more words

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Elevation Drawing #7

So if you were facing the dining room and turned around, this is what you’d see:


This is my drop zone! It’s on the left when you walk in the front door. 384 more words

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Elevation Drawing #6

Getting back to looking around the inside of my house:

Dining Room

This is what you’d see if you looked to the right as soon as you walked through the front door. 193 more words

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