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Project 4 - Photo Montage


This is a spiritually themed photography montage that uses two photos and typography.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing):

I started out by researching and looking at montages that other people have created, and I found a lot of designs that I really liked. 360 more words


Design Principles (Don Norman)


  • Users are more likely to know what to do next, when the functions they can perform are visible, and functions that are out of sight tend to be more difficult to find and in turn be used.
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Analysed Definitions


Suggested Framework for Visual Design Principles for Moodle courses and eLearning resources

This document covers Visual Design Principles for Moodle courses and eLearning resources created and managed within Monash College. 1,107 more words

Design Principles

Foundation Degree Week Four - Constructivism For The People

Short post today. I’ve grown to both love and hate cloud-based storage software, primarily due to the fact that always-online technology has had a habit of failing for me frequently. 390 more words

Art And Design


So for today I’ll be talking about the Russian art movement, Constructivism and displaying pieces we were asked to make in response.

By 1920 Russia had developed into a young communist state which caused numerous artists in the country to now question what role they played in society, this created an ideological split between certain groups of artists. 457 more words


A short talk on Futurism

Recently in my FdA course I had received a brief lecture about the history and attributes of the art movement known as Futurism (or Modernism) and now I shall provide a short post to reflect on what I had learned during this lecture and my own personal research. 533 more words


Project 2 - Colored Promotional Flier


This is a colored flier promoting an event of my choice for a company (fictional or non-fictional) also of my choosing.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): 323 more words