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"Powder aesthetic" and remarkable user experience

User experience

I have recently jumped into a new professional opportunity as an information architect. Coming from a background in information studies, art history and literary analysis, I wanted to get a better grasp of what information architecture and the broader user experience entailed before identifying where exactly my expertise would fit in. 895 more words

Design Principles

MVC 5: Understanding the MVC Pattern

Hesam Seyed Mousavi, October 31, 2014

Source: I.NET Pro

The term Model-View-Controller has been in use since the late 1970s and arose from the Smalltalk project at Xerox PARC where it was conceived as a way to organize early GUI applications. 989 more words

Design Principles

Hermeneutic exercise after the second module in the IS course

To begin with, I have to say that I found the second module in the course really inspiring. I have to admit there are of course many things that are not yet so clear, and I’m still confused about them, but I think the topics we covered are very useful. 2,192 more words

Key Points

Project 4 - Photo Montage


This is a spiritually themed photography montage that uses two photos and typography.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing):

I started out by researching and looking at montages that other people have created, and I found a lot of designs that I really liked. 360 more words


Design Principles (Don Norman)


  • Users are more likely to know what to do next, when the functions they can perform are visible, and functions that are out of sight tend to be more difficult to find and in turn be used.
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Analysed Definitions


Zyzzyva is a literary magazine on the west coast of the United States. The website has a chic design, and heavily focuses on the blogging side of its literary magazine. 137 more words



Suggested Framework for Visual Design Principles for Moodle courses and eLearning resources

This document covers Visual Design Principles for Moodle courses and eLearning resources created and managed within Monash College. 1,107 more words

Design Principles