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Avoid outside cash and innovate with monetary constraints

Taking cash from investors means answering to their expectations. The impulse to please them can cloud your vision of a quality product. 

On the other hand, when you work with limited resources, you can create and release with less resistance. 11 more words

Design Principles

Build solutions that solve your own problems

As the target audience of your own software, you can determine what’s important and what’s trash — Insider insights are crucial for building a breakthrough product. 23 more words

Design Principles

Stomp the competition by doing less than them

Less, in this case, means less features, less preferences, less red tapes, less people, less meetings and less promises.

Design Principles

Externalising dependencies with Dependency Injection in .NET part 1: setup


Earlier on this blog we talked a lot about concepts like SOLID, patterns and layered software architecture using Domain Driven Design.

This new series of 10 posts will draw a lot on those ideas. 906 more words


Overview of Windows Azure Cloud Architecture

Hesam Seyed Mousavi, August 31, 2014

Source: WinNetAzure

Those who have been associated with cloud computing for some time knows how to select a cloud deployment architecture. 3,008 more words

Design Principles

My recommended (IMHO) Books & references for Enterprise Application Architecture (EAA), SOLID Design Principles & Miscellaneous

In the past and now, people close to me, worked with me and working with me keep asking for good reference reading materials (meaning books, articles etc.) for object orientation, design principles, design patterns, Enterprise Application Architecture, Layered Architecture, Loosely Coupled Architecture etc. 1,031 more words


NOTE 2 - Graph Design I.Q. Test.


Studies have found that it’s more difficult for people to judge differences in area, such as slices of pie, than it is for them to judge differences in length, such as the lengths of bars. 287 more words

Design Principles