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Small Business Marketing: How Honesty Can Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

When it comes to marketing, anonymity is the last thing you want. Marketing is all about making your voice heard, and getting the attention of your target market. 322 more words

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Marketing Strategy: Lessons from the Domino’s Pizza PR Fail

Domino’s Pizza was recently in the media spotlight over a botched Marketing/PR campaign that promised to deliver a ‘revolution’, and a ‘game changing’ new initiative. After a week of lead up, the big announcement turned out to be simply a new range of gourmet pizzas on a square base. 304 more words

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Marketing Strategy: How to Give Your Customers What They Want

Chances are if you’ve done your market research properly, you know what your customers need, and you have found a way to meet those needs, but do you know what your customers really want? 312 more words

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Marketing Consultant: Using Customer Touch points to create a Unique Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity is something that many businesses struggle with. Having a unique brand is one of the keys to business success, and although it takes time and effort, the results can be well worth the trouble. 335 more words

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Regular readers of this column may recall my column from October 2010 entitled ‘Networking Nonces’ where I vented frustrations about attending networking events.


For those of you who missed the column or need a reminder, I wrote it after attending a function that was a little like speed dating for business professionals, commonly known as Speed Networking.  1,088 more words

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Marketing Consultant: Seven Characteristics of Great Marketers

Marketing, like most other occupations, requires a combination of unique talents and characteristics. Successful marketers generally demonstrate a number of similar attributes. Here’s a list of the seven main characteristics of effective marketers. 311 more words

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Fenix Restaurant and Events, located in the Melbourne inner suburb of Richmond, is blessed with an amazing location alongside the Yarra River. It is a perfect mix of inner-city living and the natural environment, and is a popular location with both inner-city DINKs and corporate clients. 1,643 more words

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