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Innovation Diploma 2: Fail Up and WriteNOW

To start, I want to apologize. I meant to write a post last weekend, but because it was Labor Day Weekend, I took advantage of time I had (something I am not used to having anymore) and finished a couple of books. 789 more words


It's better to kill your current business model by yourself, than waiting to be netfliexed

When will you know if you are being netfliexed? You don’t know. But you are. The larger you are, the more successful you are, the more chances exist you are being netfliexed. 784 more words

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Innovation Diploma 1: Ethnography and the CDC

Many people have been asking what Innovation Diploma is and no one in ID has any clear idea, so I thought I would keep a record of what we do during this year as both an answer and a way for me to look back at everything. 787 more words


The Brainstorm

Something that I am asked to do a lot is brainstorm. Maybe it’s for a project, maybe it’s for a discussion, maybe it’s for a homework assignment, but it’s still at a brainstorm. 459 more words


An innovation lab inside a law school?

This is the story of NuLawLab, the innovation laboratory of Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL)*.

*You can stop swatting at your tablet or computer. 731 more words

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5 New Design Careers for the 21st Century

By Tim Brown. CEO at IDEO. LinkedIn Influencer

“Fancy a career in design? When I made that choice 30 years ago, the options were limited. You either got an engineering degree and then went to design school, or you went to art school and studied graphic design, architecture, or industrial design, like I did. 664 more words

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