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Design Workshop – Week 5 – Activity Diagrams

This workshop focuses on a design diagram concept that takes a lower-level look at use cases. Similar to a glorified flow diagram, the activity diagram maps the flow and responses of actions on a system. 433 more words

Design Workshop

Design Workshop – Week 4 – Use Cases and Use Case Diagrams

The following workshop explores use cases and use case diagrams which are part of the system and software design process that can help flesh out requirements, identify different areas of a system, capture interaction-based functionality, and aid testing. 418 more words

Design Workshop

Design Workshop – Week 3 – System Context and Component Diagrams

Diagrams are important tools in aiding engineers during the design phase of software and system development. Diagrams can give both developers and customers a better understanding of what a system does and how it does it. 648 more words

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SNU Ecological Design Workshop (Class Notes)

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m taking three classes at GSES and one of them happens to be Ecological Process Design Workshop. It is turning out to be one of my favourite and more challenging classes. 170 more words


Design Workshop – Week 2 – Methodologies

Software construction undergoes a lifecycle from planning through to post-deployment servicing. The structure of the lifecycle can vary depending on the needs of a project; some software solution may be standalone products that are deployed and never touched again so the post-deployment maintenance is minimum, others can be for safety critical system and therefore the testing and maintenance portions of the lifecycle are significantly larger that the rest. 538 more words

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Design Workshop - Week 1 - What is Design?

The purpose of the design workshops (not created by me by the way, they are something I attend at work, I just write it up in my own words) is to emphasis the importance of the design process. 527 more words

Design Workshop

Imagine the Chuckery alleyways decorated with light...make it a reality at our next design workshop!

So many of you have been saying you would like to see the Chuckery alleyways looking more attractive and cared about.

On Saturday 11th October we are inviting everyone to come and join our free lantern making workshop. 92 more words