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Birds of a Feather

There’s something that’s incredibly cute about different species hanging out together. Here we have a goose and two different types of ducks preening themselves. The differing colors stand out against each other and the watery background. 52 more words


Dastakar Design Fair 2015

Divya and Jayati are young studio potters who believe in and want to promote the individuality and uniqueness of every hand-crafted product. The DESIGN FAIR is a space where art, design, craft, and the distinct beauty of everything handmade comes to life!


Rocafort House by Ramon Esteve Studio

Located in Valencia, Spain, this contemporary minimalist residence was designed by Ramon Esteve Studio.

Description by Ramon Esteve Studio The starting situation for this home is born from the trapezoidal form of the plot, situated in a residential space. The vegetation is a dense…

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The Infinity Edge Spa Design

Remember the very first time you saw a vanishing-edge spa? As you got past the sheer appearance its effect, you almost certainly wondered, How in the world did they do that? 136 more words

Infinity Edge Hot Tub Design

Remember the very first time you saw a vanishing-edge pool? After you got past the sheer appearance this styling, you likely wondered, How d they do that? 144 more words