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Vita Vase Set by Michiko Shimada

Vita by New York-based ceramicist Michiko Shimada is a vase set inspired by the shapes of the human body and internal organs. Handmade by Michiko in Japan, each piece measures approximately 4.5″ tall, 3.5″ wide and comes in a glossy white glaze finish. Available from Etsy.

Michiko Shimada


Backstage Design Studio

There are some seriously talented artists and designers living in Texas, and most of them are here in Austin. While this makes it pretty nerve-wracking for a young designer like myself to even dream of succeeding in this town, it means I get to gain inspiration from some of the best designers active today. 342 more words

Graphic Design

Family Set by Cathérine Lovatt

Family Set by Cathérine Lovatt is a tableware collection made in stoneware clay and is based on the basic shape of the cylinder. The set includes plates, bowls, beakers, a carafe, and a teapot.

Cathérine Lovatt


Manhattan Nest

One of my most favorite-est design blogs that I sometimes forget about is Manhattan Nest. Seriously this guy is good and Daniel Kanter’s posts are hilarious. 91 more words


Meet the Designer: Jeff Sturdivant

Brigadoon costume designer explores the magical world of Scotland

By Deneia Washington

Months away from the opening of musical Brigadoon in Tomlinson Theater, meetings regarding final set, costume design, and other miscellaneous items are in full swing. 723 more words

Musical Theater

Couture Collection by Kinto

Introduce some knitted coziness to your living space with these knit and lace patterned cups and flower vases from Kinto. Designed by Sayaka Nishinami, pieces in the… 18 more words