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The map has a meaning?

Maybe I’m feeling a bit philosophical right now, but I think the map quilt that I just finished has some deeper significance than using up extra fabric. 270 more words


Golden Inspiration

Leaf printing in the fall is one of my favorite activities, because I use real leaves. I try to get a variety, but I DO live in a mostly maple tree area. 143 more words


One last decision...or two...

The map quilt is pretty much finished. All the elements are sewn together and it could be called done. But there are still a couple of ‘what ifs’ rolling around in my head. 158 more words


Reading the map

Back to the map quilt…putting the pieces together.

Usually it’s easier to just square everything up and sew straight lines.

Other times it’s better for a more organic look to overlap and free cut. 37 more words


All the hard work is done...

Since I’m still in a holding pattern for cleaning and arranging the Artisan Showcase, I got a lot more work done on Deb’s Map quilt. I couldn’t sleep last night so I started sewing some of the pieces together. 302 more words


Map reading

A good map is almost like reading a good book to me. I like to study them before I go places, even though I still get turned around pretty easily in a city. 374 more words