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A big FAIL!

This is a rare picture–may never be seen again–a cleared off cutting table, ready to begin a new project!

This is part of my new work plan. 328 more words


Weekly Special

Several people whose blogs I follow do a weekly or daily project with stitching or drawing or writing. I’ve been inspired to commit to one for myself. 286 more words


Daily and weekly stitching

There are several people out in blogland who do a daily and/or weekly stitching project. Some people write daily journals. There are those who spend time sketching every day. 184 more words


Overwhelming scraps!

Today was my first day of dedicated “Use It Up Sewing” and I’m just not sure where I stand on my resolution. I took a look around my studio and decided to start with the baskets of random scraps overflowing at my feet. 369 more words


Ready for the next steps...

Stitching, stitching, stitching…I haven’t had this much dedicated stitching time in…ever! It’s been so nice to sit and sew and relax. And it’s moving so quickly that I can… 318 more words


Silk stitching continues...

I’ve joined the sections of my embroidered silk strips. I’m planning on doing more stitching to get the design flowing across all the sections.

I’m pretty sure that it will end up with just a narrow border, sort of like this, with the royal blue folded under. 33 more words


Blog Tour

I’m probably the last one to get in on the Around the World Blog Tour, but doesn’t everyone get a participation ribbon? When you are part of this, you are supposed to tag someone else to continue, but everyone I know with a blog has already done it! 432 more words