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Details, details

Time to start thinking about the details. These arches are supposed to be made of stone, so I added the “mortar” using my favorite couching foot. 221 more words



Detailing…that’s an auto term, right? Cleaning things up, right down to the smallest detail? Well, that’s where I am with this arch project.

Spent lots of time selecting fabric for each stone. 268 more words


Narrowing and expanding

Here are a couple more sketches of what I’d like to convey with my arches. With some help from my daughter, since I don’t have any paint software, I could look at this drawing with the ideas of the light coming from the front or the light coming from behind. 106 more words


Still feeling copycat-ish

Started thinking about my doorway arch project and made a first little sketch.

Pretty much exactly what I had in the painting, except only a single arch. 121 more words



Lots of discussion lately among quilt artists on originality and the use of photos, copyright, inspired-by, copy-as-learning… and I’ve read some and skimmed over some of it. 229 more words


Pink Never Pays

My theory is that if you make something that’s mostly pink, you will never sell it and most likely won’t be able to successfully gift it, either. 159 more words



I’ve mentioned before that my hubby got me a great gift last Christmas–the Color Inspirations Club from Pink Castle Fabrics. I get a packet of solid color fabric every month and I thought last month’s was the best…until I got this month’s! 219 more words