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Tessellation Printing continues

You may remember how we had made patterns from sketches of kitchen implement, then photocopied them, and arranged the tiles.

This week our task was to use a range of materials – lino, soft cut plastic, polystyrene blocks, stick backed foam, string, rice, cardboard, PVA glue – to create blocks inspired by these initial designs. 394 more words

WIP (work In Progress)

Back and forth, back and forth

Scrolling through my library of blog pictures, I can see that I post a few pictures as I work on something, then show something else, then go back to show progress on the other thing and then go on to something else and come back to progress made on the second thing…….I almost never show one single thing from start to finish, because that’s not how I work, nor is it how I record my progress. 382 more words


Let's Doodle-Woodle-Boodle the Indian Style-

As I was growing up, apart from Fashion Designing, nothing else used to run in my head. I would eat-sleep-drink NIFT (One of the best fashion institutes in India) websites, building and pictures. 273 more words


Atlanta SEO Services: Designing a Customer-Friendly Website for Restos

Aesthetics. If you offer delectable dishes, your website might as well reflect that. A good website features a smooth blend of aesthetic elements—not too loud yet not too bland. 87 more words

Tessellation for block printing - really good fun!

In my printing class we started our tessellation project – what fun! Tessellation  is when you fit a regular shape to itself many times, covering the space, like a tiled surface. 388 more words

WIP (work In Progress)


 For anyone who likes drawing or painting, the idea of creating a wall mural is probably interesting. but for creatives who’ve never actually taken on this project, the prospect can seem a little disorienting and nerve wracking. 581 more words

Graphic Design

Creating in PowerPoint

The one area of creativity and crafts that I have absolutely NO talent in is free-hand drawing.  I can’t sketch to save my life.  Fortunately, I realized long ago that creating designs on the computer is a thousand times easier and ultimately looks much better. 436 more words