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...where you eat

Did I ever tell you about my year-and-a-half-affair at an old job?

It was during my marriage. It was fully sanctioned by Paul. I sought out this partner. 172 more words

Sex Addiction


“Did God really say that you are not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden? If you eat of it you will not die. 678 more words


The Joy Of Desire

We can become slaves of our desires, and dissipate; but what joy to be desired by the One we serve, and flourish.



during the flurry

of kisses, that

land upon my

cheeks and lips,

I lose myself

in the dust

of lovers, long

gone and forgotten,

and forget, for… 20 more words


What I do with my days seems to have
nothing to do with poetry
let me rephrase that
What I accomplish with my time appears… 299 more words



Many times over the years, I have used this blog to ‘download’ my thoughts after a Sunday sermon. After nodding and smiling and quick exchanges of pleasantries, Scott and I left church on Sunday, walked to our car, commented on the great weather outside, got into the car and drove away. 1,148 more words


“May I have two shots of Jameson and whatever the gentleman next to me would like.”
“Thank you. Rough day I take it?” he asked lightheartedly. 129 more words