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Why I'm declining to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge

Did you know that 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation? 783 million people? 307 more words

Playing for Fun

Kids are so good at schoolyard games:

they practice everyday–their favorite

game–not to get better at it, but

to have fun!  In the process they… 178 more words


Ambient Sells

I had a vision of a day like this only about 3 months ago, a surreal experience alien to my most memorable paralysis. I had just gotten a vehicle and while joyful, I became vexed with worry. 434 more words

Eye Think...Into Paradise Clarity

a kiss

a kiss
a sweetness that we all posses
i regress, it turns one a mess
when the must have, outweighs the not, we confess
a kiss… 113 more words

Poet In The Woods

Our Simple Dance

There’s a scene in a movie
That makes me think of you.
And there’s a plot twist within a book
That makes me remember how we met. 93 more words

Dawn's World

Genesis 3: The Prism of Desire pt2

Genesis 3

So last time I looked at the important themes in the story of Adam and Eve; I wanted to encourage you to leave the relative comfort of conventional theology and stroll through the no-mans-land of original thinking with me. 2,860 more words


Blossom Pain of All I Love

The grace of hips
carefreely swathed in laughing steps
is a new color to my eyes
of an only story ever
told afresh

A dewly rose… 45 more words