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Awake - or am I really

I’m wide-awake. It’s not that I have trouble sleeping because once I set my mind to something there’s no going back. I could sleep if I wanted to, except I don’t. 382 more words


"That's Not Flying, It's Falling... With Style."

Last year on January 6th—our first day back to work after the holidays—my boss announced that this year his resolution was to get engaged. He said it, I believed, half-jokingly, for A) who gets engaged within a year with absolutely no immediate prospects to speak of? 538 more words


Her body....

Her body wasn’t perfect. A sag here, a scar there. She worried what he would think, but when he opened her robe, he saw only beauty. And desire.


The divine desire to fight for righteousness

We love sticking up for the underdog. We love seeing good triumph over evil. We applaud when we witness courage defeat cowardice. We all love a hero who refuses to give up regardless of how the odds are stacked against him. 509 more words

Packing for a naked weekend?

I’m sitting here mentally putting together a list of what I need for my upcoming trip. And truth be told, the answer is not much. As far as clothes, I’ll wear in my usual, then when I leave it’s a hell of an early flight, so you bet your ass I’m going to have sweats and a tshirt so I can nap on the plane. 583 more words


black bra and g-string

Evening. My instructions are to have my bath and then get dressed in a black bra and G-string. The foam cups of the bra are thin and smooth. 384 more words