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Harold Ramis' Five-Minute Buddha Pocket Guide - Item #6: The Origin of Dukkha (suffering) is attachment to desire

This is the 2nd of the Four Noble Truths. For the 1st Noble Truth, Life is characterized by impermanence and suffering, or Dukkha (insatiable thirst), go to… 588 more words


Strike a match and watch it burn.
I set to ashes my life that night. Birthed anew.
Then I turned around and ran right into you. 242 more words

The Me from Janurary (2013)

-Please note that this was written in January of 2013, i am in a very different place now than I was when this was written. Thank you! 224 more words

Courage is changing the word "No" into the words called "Yes"

People have a habit sometimes to believe the very things they hear others say to them or about them. I once had a family member who once said things like if I point my finger at you that would mean that you would go to jail, I have also heard that I would never about to anything or that I was no good. 238 more words


I’m addicted to you.

I adore the way your eyes change color with the seasons.

Your kindness is so magnetic,

and your wildness is so alluring. 70 more words



Desire is powerful. Not a symphony has been written, a mountain climbed, an injustice fought, or a love sustained apart from it. Desire is the trigger behind our deepest passions and it is the motivating factor that has caused me to chase after ridiculous and often dangerous goals. 533 more words

A 3 way conversation

Other people’s lives God, a 3 way conversation.

Why don’t I want my own,

I constantly donate to others causes and desires and have no money for myself why God? 917 more words