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build me a mountain

cabin by the sea where i

will write poetry


play me slow softly

making music like cello

strum hum legato… 14 more words

Golden Arrow

Enter not into this place
Of brambled weeds and thorn
Abide not all that hides in dark
Covet not with scorn

Hold back the sharpened dagger… 33 more words


Why do you Write?

Have you ever actually stopped to think about why you write? I hadn’t, until I recently read “Liberating the Tortured Writer,” from Mindful Magazine… 434 more words

Mindful Writing

Ben Fisher - Desire

This one inspired me, and I think it could do the same for other.♥♥♥♥

Ben Fisher

Marchin on

Support me?

Dare you to try

Giving me a hand on my journey?

Better show up with one to spare

Need a helpful hint?

You should pray… 72 more words

If I Had You For 24 Hours

If I had you for one day we’d go grocery shopping. You can push the basket, I’d hug you from behind. Kiss you in the back of your neck. 125 more words

Mental Erotica

God Thirsts for Us

Having completed the survey of the first three parts of the Catechism — the Profession of Faith (summarized here on the pages Faith Seeking Understanding… 186 more words