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Small Antique Desk $245

Antique compact desk in kauri pine. c1890. Possible food prep table with drawer $245, enamel jug 4 lt $21, and rush seated chair that is one of six $49 ea.

What All The Cool Pastors Will Have Next - A Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Stationary standing desks are so 2013.
(I do wonder if some pastors may feel the notion of a workstation that gives the impression of moving forward while never going anywhere may make leave them internally conflicted.) 23 more words

Pastoral Helps

Vincenzo de Cotiis Architects, Milan. Experimenting with materials and style: their range of lighting, desks, metal tables, kitchens. See Blogroll for a link.

DC1406A Progetto Domestico /  Carwan Gallery site:   http://www.carwangallery.com/details.php?target=lighting&id=36 /

Bronzed Brass Table DC202 /

Artistic Wood Wall panel DC501 with micro perforated discs /

Black painted wood desk with modern antique inserts DC211 / 64 more words


Creative Home Office Furniture Of Mini Computer Desks

Need ideas for the mini computer desks for your home office? Well, you are so lucky being here with presence of them from this post so that you can take a look and get the idea as your need. 27 more words

Women Ideas

A Place for Learning

For the past two weeks, my class has discussed the importance of a well thought out physical classroom environment. We executed this in a way I had never heard of, but I loved it! 1,320 more words

What Does Your Workspace Say About You?

I saw this blog post by Austin Kleon that talks about the clipboards over his desk and what he uses them for. It started as a design idea his wife saw on Pinterest, that turned into his trying to figure out what he could put on those clipboards to make his workspace more productive or organized. 411 more words


Kids’ Desks: Back To School by Beauty and Hairstyle

I utilised to favour the kitchen table, and later my bed or the couch for homework. But when it was time for significant revision, my mum produced me sit at my desk to support me concentrate. 36 more words