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My Ideal Classroom Design

My idea classroom setup would promote student unity and a sense of community. Desks would not be scattered around the classroom like lone islands out to sea or in rows with ruler like precision, but rather in groups of two or four (depending on the space given) to promote a sense of classroom community. 118 more words


New Elite Furniture Range - Why Not Visit Our Showroom!

Open plan, managerial and bistro furniture – Why not give us a visit?

We can provide an array of office furniture solutions for everyday use. Perfectly suited for meeting rooms, break away and training rooms. 33 more words


desks + macs

Nerds rejoice, at last a site dedicated to mac setups. Some better than others but still a good browse.  Macdesks.com


There is Nothing Nicer Than A Cup of Tea.....or Coffee

I can’t start my day or any huge task ahead of me without a cup of tea….I can’t relax without my cup of tea….indeed, my cup of tea is needed through out the day so I can effectively and happily get through any task set in front of me for that day. 483 more words

Standing desk habit (from Fastcompany)

Sitting at a desk all day is not good for us so like many others I am establishing the new habit of standing rather than sitting at my desk. 72 more words

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