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Computer Case Guide

Buying a computer case is easy. You just have to make sure the case fits your motherboard. Motherboards have standardized dimensions. The two sizes worth mentioning are ATX and microATX. 134 more words


How you use your PC determines what you need

The processor and the video card are very similar. They both use chips (CPU and GPU) that calculate computer code. Typically, the processor does the math and the video card does the graphics. 125 more words


Anyone Can Use A Desktop Computer With The Right Advice

Selecting and buying a new personal computer is a tedious task that many dread and put off as long as they can. When you learn all you can with articles like this one, it will make the shopping process easier. 674 more words

Parts Overview

I mentioned in a previous post a general list of all the parts you will need to build a computer. Today I want to give everyone a basic understanding of all those parts. 155 more words


Where to Buy Computer parts

Many of you may be wondering where you can buy computer parts. For years I have been buying nearly all of my parts from Newegg.com… 112 more words


What's Needed to Build a Computer

Computers are a complex machine made up of a few simple parts. To list all of the parts you will need: Case, Motherboard, Memory, Processor, Video Cards, Storage, Media Readers, Power Supply Unit, and an Operating System. 86 more words