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Read This Handy Advice About Personal Computers

It is possible to find desktop computers in homes, offices and colleges, worldwide. All around the globe, millions of people are finding it necessary to use a computer. 693 more words

Desktop Processor Buying Guide

Short Version:

  • Manufacturer: Intel
  • Series:
    • Economy: Pentium
    • Best Value: i5
    • High-End: i7
  • Write down your CPU Socket Type or match to your existing motherboard
  • Number of cores: …
  • 310 more words

Cheap Desktop Computers- The prices have fallen down.

Whenever we hear or talk about the desktop computers or laptops, one thing that strikes our mind is that they are overly expensive and their bulkiness. 513 more words


Quick Tip #2

Static can destroy computer parts. Never touch these parts unless you first ground yourself. You can check to see if you are grounded by touching another person or a metal object. 59 more words


A returning customer brought in their computer for us to perform a system backup on their computer. They brought in an external hard drive for the backup. 14 more words


A Little Desktop Computer Knowledge For You To Learn

Folks use desktops each day for a variety of uses. However, you may not know too much about these devices. That is all about to change; in the article that follows, you will read some information about desktop computers that will prove to be of help. 545 more words

Processor overview

I posted earlier that the processor, or the CPU, is the brain of the computer. Almost every processor has multiple cores (brains). The processor is involved with everything to varying degrees. 196 more words