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WhatsApp arrives on the desktop

WhatsApp is now available for the Web, in a form that pairs the mobile version of the app to a user’s desktop computer. 282 more words

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Does that make sense: Bitlocker for Desktop Computers?

13 January 2015

The answer is: It definitely makes sense.

Okay, this sounds strange because it’s not very likely that a desktop computer will be lost. 145 more words


Different types of computers and their use.


A laptop is a personal computer. It contains all of the same components as a desktop computer but all together to make it portable. 268 more words

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Top 5 Desktop Computers of 2014

This computer comes with a 4th generation Intel processor and an optional Blu-ray drive.

You can’t upgrade the system to include a secondary optical drive or hard drive. 253 more words

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Computer Built into a Board Uses Only 10 Watts

In the realm of low-powered desktop computers, there are some options such as the Raspberry Pi that usually come out on top. While they use only a few watts, these tend to be a little lackluster in the performance department and sometimes a full desktop computer is called for. 197 more words

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