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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Ok, there’s no Rock… Or Paper… But this post is all about Scissors!

Maybe this is strange but I think there’s something really beautiful about scissors. 91 more words


A Tidy Desktop is a Happy Desktop!

Ok ladies and fellow photographers! I have to tell you a secret…You HAVE to promise not to tell. :) When it comes to my room I am alway having to clean up after myself. 205 more words


サーバーワークス、AWS仮想デスクトップの導入支援サービス [ #cbajp ]

AWS専門のクラウドインテグレーター、サーバーワークスは8月28日、Amazon Web Services(AWS)が東京リージョンからの提供を開始したDaaS(Desktop-as-a-Service)「Amazon WorkSpaces」の導入支援サービスの提供を開始した。20社限定で無償評価パッケージも提供する。サーバーワークスが提供を開始した「仮想デスクトップ スターターパック(本番導入パッケージ)」では、WorkSpacesの設定構築などのテクニカルサポート、利用マニュアルの提供、さらに社内Active DirectoryとWorkSpacesの認証を連携させるためのVPN環境構築と設定を行う。



Twomey Design Website - Rebranded

My website has been redesigned. Yes! After spending a good deal of time working with Adobe Muse I have rebranded my site. It took a little time getting the hang of Muse but after a while I enjoyed the ease of use. 133 more words

Cool Stuff I Like

A shell script to list key-type-value with the GSettings configuration tool

Copy & paste the following code into your favorite text editor, and call this shell script, for example, ‘list-schema-key-type-val.sh':

echo "*** schema = $schema ***"
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Command Line

Call Of Duty Ghosts Wallpaper HD

http://sizzlinghdwallpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Call-Of-Duty-Ghosts-Wallpaper-HD-5.jpg We present Call Of Duty Ghosts New wallpapers in full HD format, which provide variety on the desktop.
The Call Of Duty Ghosts wallpaper are all available in the following gallery  in Full-HD format for download. 15 more words