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What's Fresh for 2015..

Wow, 2014 has been such a whirlwind of activity and inspiration for me. I still have a massive passion for Photography as a visual art, but I very rarely seek creative inspiration at ‘Photography’ sites instead I enjoy drawing influences from Instagram, Pinterest and concept magazines like Kinfolk. 187 more words


The Holloway Road.

Traffic stutters along Holloway Road
As dead eyes hazard the buffeting rain
And the wind ripped souls cry out in the cold
Of harsh lives lived in poverty and pain… 129 more words

Bless the Weather.

Memories are but past dreams.
To be prized apart like oyster shells.
Inside perhaps a pearl, large or small,
or more likely just that translucent quivering flesh… 255 more words

Consolation and Desolation 2014-14

Consolation and Desolation        2014-14

How many of us, including me, have had some or any periods of consolation and also desolation in our lives? I remember my cousin’s husband saying, “I have never had a depressing moment in my life!”  Wow, what a lucky guy; but I did not believe him.  1,031 more words


The Grand Trip Pt.7, The ghost fleet of Chernobyl

After the accident, many vehicles ware left behind in the zone. In a river bank, near the village of Chernobyl dozens of half sunken, abandoned river boats ware left behind. 169 more words


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) REVIEW

“There And Back Again…Again…Again…”

SPOILER FREE I can remember feeling so excited when first reading that Peter Jackson was taking on-board the project of ‘The Hobbit’ and turning it into a film. 1,117 more words