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This will make you hate me so please stop reading.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder

What if she said ‘yes’

What if he didn’t judge you… 231 more words

Life Rants

Desolation of Your Soul

In the

Desolation of your soul,

Wandering this ghost town
I tried to find you.
I traced the drops of your tears in the
Red, 103 more words

Memory of the Dead

“Holy shit…”

“Don’t ask.”


“Please Cat?”

“Argh…fine.” But I can’t take my eyes off his hair. It’ll take some getting used to. For as long as I had known him, his hair was always falling across his face, as he refused to put it in a ponytail except for classy occasions. 1,556 more words



The silence stretches
Over a vast, barren land
A vague emptiness

A Haiku contains 3 unrhymed lines and includes 17 syllables, arranged in lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.   6 more words


Souls in search of soil

 April 2013: bye bye Cape Town…

And hello Harare, my home, and the start of the winter blossoms.

 As a child of Zimbabwean soil, I revisited my homeland in my first ten day vacation from the University of Cape Town, last year. 599 more words

Palm Sunday thoughts on pretending I don't know Jesus

I was struck by the Gospel reading today, the account of Jesus’ passion from the Gospel of Matthew. It’s a story I know so well that is hard to listen to it as if it were a true account I was hearing about for the first time. 871 more words