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What My Failure Has Taught My Children

I am a teacher; therefore, I am successful.

I am a teacher with a Master’s Degree; therefore, I am successful.

I am a teacher with fifteen years of teaching experience; therefore, I am successful. 1,508 more words


For 'you' my reader

No one has made me an expert in the topic of miscarriage but experience has sure given me a one up on it. With all confidence, I’d tell you it’s as much spiritual as it is physical. 275 more words

fresh endings

but never vindicated
yet highly overrated
strap explosives to your chest and become what you despise

plastered to the wall
the enemy of all… 60 more words


I Wish I Was A Hurricane

Have you ever felt that your emotions were too strong to fit into your tiny body and that screaming, crying and raging around just doesn’t equate to the intense feelings you have inside? 285 more words


Stephen Crane: Black Riders XLIV

I was in the darkness;
I could not see my words
Nor the wishes of my heart.
Then suddenly there was a great light–

“Let me into the darkness again.”


After slaying the giant … what next?

In keeping with the story of David facing the Philistines’ giant (I Samuel 17:22-58), I wanted to share with you my thoughts on what we all can learn from the young shepherd boy with the heart of a king.  1,011 more words

Christian Living

Where's It Gone?

Where’s it gone?  My self-esteem. Don’t know if it’s because I spent so many years in the habit, humbling myself or if it’s simply because I’m human, but my sense of self-worth fluctuates downward a bit too often. 174 more words