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Zoom In

I like change.  As a result my laptop background usually doesn’t stay the same for very long (it’s a good thing I’m an artist-endless supply of them).  252 more words


In Frozen Dust (Free Verse - T.S. Eliot)

in frozen dust
we’ve written our names –
our empty gums
chatter nonsense.
for we are fading stars –
we are voiceless stars –
we are quietly dissolving… 101 more words

can't think of anything clever to call this one.

gnawing burrowing loneliness all day. a nothing from no one day. transient fear that i am getting involved with some kind of phallocentric cult. and that is all i fucking need. 112 more words


Please don’t cry anymore,
Don’t shed another tear,
Let me wrap my arms around you,
So you know that I am here.

Doesn’t matter about the world outside, 107 more words



Sometimes all I feel is this overwhelming feeling of misery and sorrow inside of me, taking over all of my being – my heart and mind. 35 more words


What more is there.

I’m tired. I am just so tired.

Somebody please, just make it stop.


The road less traveled is most often the road designed and preordained by God for your deliverance.  Leaving the road most traveled is the greatest test of faith.  169 more words