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Self Destruction

Light it up and take a breath

Make a dare to dance with death

Like roulette you always play

Praying for your final day

When it comes will it be slow… 23 more words

Time to Die

‘An amusing incident, that is all. He is trying to goad us into action. Leave him be and he’ll get bored and catch a coach back to whatever dead-end part of Lancashire he came from. 750 more words


Tick Tock Stop

A flame to a flicker and a flicker runneth out
The smoke has cascaded down a corridor of doubt
Drenched at one point it has now become a drought… 225 more words

Hope 1.2

Hope for change

Hope for better

Hope for everything

Hope, you break my heart with your incessant teasing.


There are times when I look through events/current affairs and hope things change. 484 more words

Stealing is No Good: Taking Something is Not Right

Stealing is No Good…

Words that sound alike but do not look alike are called homophones, and include steel and steal.

When someone thinks of steel, the typical thought is of a very strong metal of a grayish or bluish color, used for industrial purposes such as building construction. 673 more words


Summer never looked so dark.

There’s a weird sort of restlessness that accompanies despair. It’s always at my lowest that I feel I have the most energy, and I refer to those times as my dangerous moods because complete, inconsolable misery in conjunction with a sudden burst of energy lands me in a very dangerous frame of mind where just about anything is possible. 69 more words

God's Step in Yours

By: Natalie Plumb

Sometimes saying that everything happens for a reason, that prayer solves it all and that dryness, discernmentdoubt and despair… 133 more words