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Mathematics of Despair

Simon added up the bills for the fifth time. Each of the first four times he’d reached the same sum, and still he tried in vain to defeat the laws of mathematics in search of a smaller figure. 969 more words


An Abyss

I go on walking with no destination with no purpose, empty, hollow. I feel lost at times filled with sorrow and although I do see the beauty ,the laughter, the love around me I have not dove in yet, to cold perhaps, to deep. 43 more words


She cried aloud, but had no praise.

“I received nothing, I am not saved.

“I begged and cried that He’d relieve,

“Naught from Him, did I receive. 297 more words

Christian Experiences

trolley people

in the shadow of an old church steeple
just before it starts to rain
I stand an’ watch the trolley people
faces lined & fulla pain… 63 more words


Writer's Block: A Massive Ball of Multicolored Strings

I have been trying for months on end to write a post . . . or two . . . or three.  There are so many things I want to write about because so many things have happened.   806 more words


My sisters in poverty

I hurt.

I arrive anticipating rays of sunshine, rumbling of waves, golden glimmer of sand, and friendly folks. I find them, and more.

Walking through the streets, buzzing with energy and vibrant colours, I notice them outside one massage parlour, then another, then another on a street that seems never-ending. 457 more words


Me. The poster child for looking on the bright side. Positive thinking. Seeing the glass half full. A true believer in everything working out in the end.

491 more words