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Life's Darkness

When did life become so dark?

It seemed to change so sudden

Life hurt me and it left its mark

It’s made me turn coldblooded… 239 more words


Prompt: Hope, it dangles on a string, like slow spinning redemption

Shameful, it is. To know that
the moment I found my resolve;
the moment I ventured out of my zone; 93 more words


The Darkest Hour

The cadence of autumn leaves resonated as they tumbled down the street beneath Charles’ window. Late at night, he found that the dried leaves would imitate the sound of rain. 3,047 more words

Written Works

A Vicious Cycle

It has been a while since I’ve written anything here. Perhaps it’s been a while between moments of intense agony and jubilation. Yet, here I am, returning once more to my outlet of anguish. 230 more words


My Love for You

My love for you
Cannot be bought
It is priceless
You can never compare
No matter what you think of me
I’ll still love you the same… 188 more words


On Evil

Believing that goodness is as real and appealing as evil is not always easy.  In many moments, evil can appear so widespread and overwhelming that it seems like every bit goodness must be gone, that every glimmer of something true and worth living for must be have faded. 58 more words


Day 189: Divorce Battles are Life Sucking!

There are days when I can’t move forward, frozen in my own heaviness. How do I rise above the betrayals, the lies and the deceit by my life long companion? 142 more words