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In the Pit

I am often asked about the most meaningful experience on my trip to the Holy Land. I know that for some people it has been the Via Dolorosa or the Garden Tomb, but for me it was at the Sacred Pit beneath the house of Caiaphas. 863 more words



I’m tired

of being lonely, of feeling like
no one gets me, of not having that
one person I truly share a connection with
Tired of never being alone… 151 more words


The Equation with None

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The Equation with None

There’s a mutual agreement between floor and you,
The dust imbibed, mortician’s report on your
Dead, wilted dreams… 152 more words


Almost Love

My first and somewhat impulsive attept at poetry. 

I remember

The time I saw you last

A feeling of impending doom

Tightness in my chest… 238 more words


No Second Chances

“I love you do you know that?” He asked softly.

She looked at him with wide eyes but said nothing. He sighed as he sat on the chair in front of her. 1,462 more words

Back From The Dead?

Well, it appears I finally have a reason for the recurring weakness, numbness, pain and eventual buckling I experience in my right leg; the injury I have not-so-affectionately nicknamed my ‘dead leg’ issue.   915 more words



I’m rooted to this place
I’ve filled with my own tears
I see you reaching out
But never getting near.

I’m covered in the pains… 152 more words