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In Loving Memory of Eileen.

Recently, a childhood friend passed away unexpectedly. Even though I hadn’t spoken to her in years the sadness of her passing settled deep within my soul— perhaps an echo of a life I used to know. 538 more words




No air left for me to breathe.
Did atmosphere disappear with you – when you left?

There is no feeling left to feel.
Was all substance removed – when you went away? 98 more words


Husband & Wife

My good friend’s husband died in an accident, and because they were real close, my friend took a very long time, until she was able to get out of the gloom. 191 more words


Shattered Mirror

All these pieces hold onto a single thought…
A single memory that tempts me to believe…
That if I could piece back together these pieces of me… 80 more words


Self Destruction

Light it up and take a breath

Make a dare to dance with death

Like roulette you always play

Praying for your final day

When it comes will it be slow… 23 more words

Time to Die

‘An amusing incident, that is all. He is trying to goad us into action. Leave him be and he’ll get bored and catch a coach back to whatever dead-end part of Lancashire he came from. 750 more words


Tick Tock Stop

A flame to a flicker and a flicker runneth out
The smoke has cascaded down a corridor of doubt
Drenched at one point it has now become a drought… 225 more words