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Grass Up Your Neighbours Say The DWP With Another Boring Benefit Fraud Campaign

With the amount of money lost to fraud and error in the benefit system reaching record highs under this Government, the DWP has issued a call for people to grass up their nieghbours if they suspect them of low level benefit fraud, or even going on holiday. 689 more words


Disabled People Not Worth Minimum Wage Says Lord Fraud, Time For This Nasty Fucking Clown To Go

Comedy toff and Minister for Welfare Reform Lord Fraud is a joke that stopped being funny a long time ago.  Of all the blundering fucking idiots in the DWP, this failed banker, … 578 more words

JSA/Workfare/Work Programme

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> In late 2006, Freud was appointed by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to provide a nominally independent review of the British welfare to work system.

Freud acknowledged that he "didn't know anything about welfare at all".

Despite the great complexity of the welfare system Freud came up with a draft plan for reform within three weeks of his appointment.

And that, folks, is what happens when you allow talentless, unelected knobheads to get their hands on power.

And also flags up the  difference between Labour and Tory when it comes to dealing with those nasty poor people... there isn't any.  Labour allowed this prat to set the ball rolling,  Tories have allowed him to continue.

The Tory pre-paid punishment and anti-welfare card. Again

Iain Duncan Smith told delegates at the Tory conference in Birmingham: “I have long believed that where parents have fallen into a damaging spiral – drug or alcohol addiction, even problem debt, or more – we need to find ways to safeguard them – and more importantly, their families, their children, ensuring their basic needs are met. 1,254 more words

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Have you ever tried to see how long you could drive your car before it became imperative that you put some gas in it? Well, we have….too many times to count. 1,085 more words

Sun and Storms

Life is sunny in the summer
The sheep can roam and graze among the rolling green hills
The lambs prance about, jumping and baaing
Jumping off anything taller than a blade of grass… 330 more words


Low-paid Britain: 'People have had enough. It's soul destroying'

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Yes, they have jobs … but the five people featured below are typical of millions who have no security, no holiday or sick pay, limited hours, and no dignity at work! 2,325 more words

Never Forget, It Is David Cameron Who Is Ultimately To Blame For Welfare Reform Deaths

Understandably much of the rage aginst the vicious welfare reforms –  which are costing an increasing number of lives – has been aimed at blundering fucking idiot Iain Duncan Smith. 549 more words