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Going Hungry at 36 years Old

My very best friend in the world managed to buy her first house when we were only 28 years old. My other very best friend in the world just bought her first house at 36. 749 more words


Middle class problems

What a tough life this family must lead. Imagine the scene: Struggling to pay the bills, not enough food in the house, desperate search for a second pony…

Untitled for lack of words

I feel like I am falling apart… I don’t know how to save myself
I feel like I am disconnected from everyone around me… the world keeps turning and I am not moving. 308 more words

Toughts (aka Messy Diary)

Crash Diets - Are they for you?

If you quickly scanned my blog you’d see that I battle with weight loss.  This is a very interesting article recently discussed on Sky News, and subsequently here in South Africa. 48 more words

Weight Loss

The Real Reason You Can't Get Motivated

Life for early man used to be incredibly tough. If you were lucky enough to avoid the rampant infant mortality you then had to grow up into a world that was trying to kill you. 193 more words


I Know The Look

I stand there looking at him

He has the look of despair and sadness

I know this person and I don’t recognize him

I see that he wants help… 177 more words

Walk of Shame : A (trying hard) Movie Review

I’m loving this movie! I had a roller coaster of emotions. The muscles in my face are confused, whether to laugh or frown. I tried so hard to do it at the same time! 203 more words