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Inside Desperate Housewives The Complete First Season

The show makers do not beat a partisan drum, they do not use a passionate script or a soundtrack encompassing brass and strings; they do not challenge to enflame annoyance or barbarity, distress or doggedness in any way. 145 more words


Patience, The Virtue

We watched the warm musky skies, dulling and rusted, as we found our way back to the underground. The brick facades radiating warm, golden brown hues as the setting sun threw its very last rays against the terracotta store fronts. 219 more words

Diet shakes

ive lately been obsessed with ED related documentaries.

ive ordered 10+ very low cal diet shakes over the internet.

i ate 1/3 of a mango. 10 more words

Life Must Be Tough For Those Desperate Boys

Stumbled upon a video of this.

Wow, life must be hard for those all-guys school.

[ Fast forward : Things start getting “out of hand” at one minute mark] 12 more words

Douche bag boy

Boys suck, I am going to rant about boys for a bit because I can, First there is this boy will call him F1, He has admitted several times to liking me, and that cool what ever not really my type and don’t even think that its a superficial thing because its not its more of a his personality puts me to sleep and I am not okay with that, I am also just not sexually or romantically or physically attracted to him.   297 more words

Daily Life