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Praying one word at a time

Stirring, submissive, sex, sensuality, stroking, scratching sighing, succumbing, safe, sick, surreal, slight, strong, story, stillness, signs, sexual, sacrament, salacious, seethe, sublime, Siren, sweet, suckle, savior, slinky, skin, stinging, satisfied, secrets, scented, second, support, secretary, sewn, seize, spellbound, shelter, serve, sustenance, statuesque, salvation, sounds, salivate, serendipitous, scrying, scaring, screaming, shell, squirm, slower, sanguine, silky, spread, sin, sheer, sovereign, surrender, sustainable, serene, sweet, shine, swoon, summit, saint, soul, swallow, shameless, suck, sinew, spray, solicit, squirt, spatter, sordid, spectacle, show, stage, spanking, sore, secretions, shaven, slave, stolen, slap, supine, sequence, sully strive, subjugate, soliloquy, suddenly, susurrus, sacred, suppressed, symphony, suspect, suspicion, stagger, swagger, soothing, smile, serene, siesta, social, Sphinx, shapes, shattered, saved, smoke, sprinkled, spirits, smooth, snare soulmate, share, surround, Sunday, soon, sermon, shadow, sway, set, sensation, scintillating, slumberdoll, slutty, slur, stars, scars, stranger, sleek, sliver, slice, sheen, slick, supernatural, sacrifice, stomach, saliva, street, stranger, strip, séance, swell, shudder, sleek, screen, suit, suicidal, spit, stirring, swish, splice, shield, sleep, savage, solemn, self, serenity, sugar, steamy, sensate, smut, sore, sedated, should, seeing, scourge, switch, sanctified, seraphic, saved, stranger, shock, subdue, spotless, Salem, silver, succulent, succumb, seed, sorcery, swale, swan, specter, sprout, sold, squeeze, science, serve, subscribe, sides. 18 more words

E.M. Hansen

A difficult day.

Today hasn’t really got any better being honest. The physical anxiety seems to have lessened as the day wore on. When I arrived at work my friend Mark looked at me and said straight away “Are you okay? 503 more words

desperate call for help:'(

having really serious internal conflict about what I should do about this, because my heart and head can’t seem to agree with my actions:/ URGH do give me some advice pretty please<3

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Desperate Call to hell.

Won’t Let you

Call you

That I’m yours

For the last time

I tied

It turned out to be a desperate call to hell

My Walk To My Heart.

Winter Song

The people are asleep.

They aren’t dead.
I don’t believe that.

They are complacent and have become drones who are okay with the mundane.

People are in a coma. 35 more words

Me versus the loneliness

I’ve heard it said so many times that the loneliest place in the world is in the ring…as someone who has been in the ring a few times I know this isn’t the case. 130 more words

Thai take-away for one

I recently laughed at a friend who told me she was getting so desperate that she’d found herself flirting with the 20 year old ranga who made her coffee. 160 more words