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The Bachelor

Last night I started watching the second season of The Bachelor AU and it was so odd.

If you really think about it, there is one guy who is expecting to find his wife out of 24 women but isn’t that a little unrealistic? 221 more words

Why isn't he texting me?

Why isn’t he texting me??? I haven’t heard from Bones in 3 days. I know that he’s a shy/sincere sort of man and he’s busier than your average busy person, and I know that we have plans for this upcoming weekend, and I know that he has a friend from out of town staying with him right now, but I’m a little unnerved. 467 more words



Take me, take me into a world full of secrects, all I want to do is get some heeling.
Use me up, while I hold on to my desperate luck. 24 more words

If you need help, it's there!

There can be nothing left to write about poor Robin Williams. But there is something that everyone should remember.

If you are desperate, instead of taking tablets or tying a noose, pick up the phone and speak to a Samaritan. 61 more words


Emotions from Saturday Night

My Saturday night involved TOO much alcohol. It was one of my best friend’s 18th birthday and she got a hotel room for the four of us.   815 more words

Potency in Dark

The Ferris wheel dipped laconically into the eastern sea,
Each seasoned circle slipped away as carnies preyed upon their marks.
I watched from a great distance at those who frolicked around me; 128 more words


The Desperation: A Poem

Desperation hangs

from the dangling strings of jokes

like spit from her lips.

Every raspy retelling,

well-known to the ears of her companions,

struggles to stand for itself, 64 more words