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Obsession with Perfection

Why are you so worried about beauty
Looking good, you make it a duty

Making it a necessity to use paint
To hide all that you are with no restraint… 139 more words


Fiery pit

I started calling my school job work-space the “fiery pit from Hell” in my mind.  Really, “frozen wasteland of the hopeless” would be a more apt description.   168 more words

Writing in the storms - faith and reading and weather... on this Journey

 A picture taken in the car – but I love the rainbow in the beginning of the storm. I never write publicly in the storm. It’s much easier to do the weathering and then write. 676 more words


Tell Me

Oh great and powerful words find my meaning
Skip the mean ones like sneaky and deceiving
Tell me who I ought to be
Tell me past the obviousness everyone sees… 107 more words


can't think of anything clever to call this one.

gnawing burrowing loneliness all day. a nothing from no one day. transient fear that i am getting involved with some kind of phallocentric cult. and that is all i fucking need. 112 more words


Ever strived so hard
that hope blinds you

Or tried to shed skins and wear a new one
lost your whole self
into the space of broken promises and love… 60 more words


A Tale of Desperation

Authors’ Note: The following post was written on August 22nd and was my first introduction to suicidal thoughts. It was also the first time I decided to start writing about my depression. 469 more words