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Such A Shame

It’s such a shame that you couldn’t love me
Couldn’t cope
Didn’t care
It’s such a shame that you don’t miss me
That you’ve moved on… 193 more words


A Dream

I had a strange dream last night. It was very episodic, like a montage of brief clips. I don’t know what it means if anything. Sure there is an obvious portrayal but are dreams ever really that simple? 286 more words

Pensive Digression

P is for Pain

Her world had been divided; conservatives and radicals. She was one of the oppressed, she was a radical, poor and abused.  Her colony had no money, so they had to work for them conservatives. 338 more words


In Which We Revisit the Very Beginning

The Zero to Hero Day #3 challenge asks participants to write the post on their mind the day we decided to start a blog.

Since I’ve already done that, rather than reinventing the wheel, we can just revisit the night… 17 more words

Online Dating

I think I might have INHALED you.

Build me up.

Tear me down.

Fly me to the sky.

Bury me in the ground.

Love me.

Hate me.

Make me shine.

Kill my light. 20 more words


Go away. I Miss You.

Lately I’ve been pacing. Itching. Feigning to do something new. Something different. Something upbeat and spontaneous. But I’ve been alone in this adventure. It hit me like a truck – the realization that everyone else has a life too and there will be days when they have plans without you. 218 more words


The Way of the Road

The in-laws are doing their yearly trek across the country, seeing new places and stopping in with friends and relatives. They pulled into town tonight after a few days down south with my wife’s sister and husband. 53 more words