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Blue Room

Why are the tears pressing on

but not falling,

yet their dry despair flows like rivers

drowning happiness and hopes.

When there was sunshine all around… 142 more words

A Giant A Slingshot And Five Stones

Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him to help you do it, and he will. Psalm 37:5

So many times, in the middle of a crisis, we act as though we have to go it alone, in our own strength. 880 more words


When I was a teenager I used to want a moment of desperation.

A moment to push me off the fence.

You see, despite growing up in the Church, I never felt fully committed. 214 more words


I Understood

Ma mom and I went out on a date on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday. It was nothing fancy; just icecream and good conversation. Thanks to a friend of mine, we were able to have a little fun photo shoot: FREE-OF-CHARGE.


Break my Heart

You took the fall for me
Take everything from me
You stoop down for me to be great
You died for me to be free… 51 more words


Drunk Enough

“Hey Nick,” came the slurred words of Scott’s voice from the other line. “I’m a little bit drunk, do you think you could pick me up?” I could tell he was more than “a little bit drunk,” because it took me about a minute and a half to decipher what he had actually said. 2,411 more words