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Letter to God


I’m a disaster, Abba, and I desperately need You. I have not been faithful to You at all throughout my life, but You have always been there for me. 331 more words

My Religion

Stories of Desperation: An Introduction

When was the last time you became desperate?

Me? Just this week.

After I graduated last March 2014, I followed it up with a 2-month vacation. 745 more words


Instant Relationships

I’ve met 4 people in the past week that would have gotten into an instant relationship, if given the opportunity.

It gave me the idea that this must be the way people (some of them anyway) are getting into relationships nowdays. 368 more words


Blinded By "Love"

I don’t like my sister’s boyfriend. When I see them together, I just don’t see the connection. Also, he really does not communicate with my mom and I. 633 more words

"The six methods are:" by Julia at MAKE coffee+stuff

Thursday July 24, 2014 at MAKE
5 minutes
Ashtanga Yoga Primer
Baba Hari Das/em>

Oh for coping? I guess I have some experience. I usually don’t talk about them with anyone though.
265 more words

Desperate Love

There is a feeling manifesting

It tears, scrapes, sears my flesh.

I feel reversed,

I have been turned inside out.

Internal fires consume me,

I am alight with emotion. 52 more words


his voice.

his breathing heard over the phone

that deep contempt for self i heard

such strong emotions ruled my soul

a conversation that dragged its feet into the deep night… 95 more words