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“I knew I was clutching at straws; but in the wide and weltering deep where I found myself, I would have caught cobwebs.”

Villette… 191 more words


The Walls Bleed with Termites (vol. 2)

(Side B)

Lights beaming, flickering like an unstable man twitching with anxiety.
Crawling, racing, they compete with their lives on the line – who gets to the bag of rice first?  132 more words


The Walls Bleed with Termites (vol. 1)

(Side A)

hollow and dark -
He finds himself twisted and lost.
Trapped by the poverty of desperation or the desperation of poverty,
Never exactly what you plan it to be; simplest of plans become the most complicated. 56 more words


The Desperation

I am desperate

as a dying rose longs for rain, a growing tree for more soil,

or a lost wanderer for water when roaming under the desert sun. 193 more words


How do you make the sadness stop
And keep the yearning at bay
Like water that runs dry
A deep, endless well of feelings
In a place unknown and lost… 168 more words


Update on the enrollment and some more pictures of the university

In this article I’d like to inform you on the enrollment to the courses which took place yesterday. Now, I’ve finally signed up to my courses, unfortunately not to all I had intended to take. 1,234 more words


Manchester United: Well that was unexpected...

About that article I posted two hours ago about the desperation of Manchester United…

Yeah this happened: 91 more words

Louis Van Gaal