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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was a short opinion piece originally published on Tumblr on March 29, 2014. It was intended to just be for Tumblr but since no new articles have been published here in a while, it was decided to publish the article on this site as well. 508 more words

100 Hard Things - Day 10

10. Decided to continue with this challenge.

Now, that might seem as an excuse for not doing anything. You’re probably right, since I really didn’t. But you know what, it’s been a week since I started this challenge, and well, it wasn’t that easy (hence the name of the challenge). 370 more words



He would’ve stayed awake, he would’ve tried to hold onto the older boy’s hands if he had the strength to. But he was aware that if he couldn’t piece himself together, perhaps letting the dove go would do him good. 216 more words


My Prayer Tonight

I don’t want to think too deeply about anything right now—but I do want to express the way I am feeling in this weak moment. 350 more words


I soaked myself
in your pleasure:

dripping like images
from your lips

No sooner had I drained you
and filled myself
than your half expired… 19 more words


An Average Girl

She was a typical kind of girl,

just an ordinary, run of the mill kind of girl.

Nothing fancy, nothing elegant, simply her.

She had a common job as a cocktail waitress… 466 more words


Zealous for Good Works

You won’t be able to tell right away, but this is a followup to yesterday’s post about Ephesians and what we should be doing as churches. 1,343 more words

Modern Doctrines